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babysittingBaldor: than what do I do with it?
Kranz: kill it
Gium: DON´T YOU DARE!!!! *takes the bundle in his arms and glares at them* I can´t believe you would even consider this!!!
Baldor: give it to chronos maybe?
Kranz: No, it has only half your genes and the mother wasn´t strong at all. Bad taste you have by the way.
Gium:*looks at the babe closer* I think it´s cute, besides being from goaty-chan.
Baldor: so dump it?
Kranz: Yes, that would be the best. We can find an orphanage and put it there.
Gium:*coos at it* who is a cute little goaty-Chan? You are!
Baldor: good the sooner we're rid of it the better 
Kranz: I agree. Gium, please hand it over.
Gium.*looks up* NO! I wanna keep it!
Baldor: what?
Kranz: It´s not your child and you have no resources to care for it nor do you seem capable of caring for babies.
Gium: I could get a job! And It is quite with me isn´t it? *the baby sleeps*
Baldor: how?
Gium: I got tutoring! I´m getting better! With T

babysitting part 2part 1

a few days later 
Baldor:  *looks at the list* man he has bad handwriting. 
bal:*has aveline in a carrier-cloth on her chest**looks around the stores for a few things*
Baldor: next is milk. 
Bal:? (Confused) *recognizes the voice*....Baldor?
Baldor: huh?
Bal:It is me. Ballerina. Well it is Sam by know. 
Aveline:*looks at him curious*
Baldor: oh
Bal:How are you doing!? You look a little helpless.
Baldor: I'm fine
Bal:You dont look like it *giggle*...I´m having a little shopping tour with aveline
Baldor: that's nice
Bal: Oh and you can say Kranz hello from me. And that we somehow managed to calm Aveline ourself after a while
Baldor: I shouldn't 
Baldor: he wouldn't want to hear it. 
Bal:Why? He seemed to be fine, he helped Cardinal move out and refused to see him.
Baldor: he's taking this badly
Bal:Tell me more over a coffee??
Aveline:*babbles along happly looking at baldor

babysitting part 5


Kyoko: ooohhh!!! How did you get to know??
Lin: it's a long story
Kyoko:We have time. *smiles* Is it romantic?
Mila: Did you kiss yet?
Lin: no. I don't think he'd like me like that.
Kyoko: But you are beautiful!!! he is an idiot or blind if he doesn´t
Lin: he's an idiot alright
Kyoko:If he saw you like that he would faint from adornment.
Lin: maybe. Maybe he'd go for you guys instead
Kyoko:I will burn him to ashes if he does
Lin: please don't
Kyoko:....but he´s mean to you
Lin: no he just doesn't see me
Kyoko:We can help you!!!
Lin: no. It's better he doesn't
Kyoko:Is he that dangerous?
Lin: not to me
Kyoko:mh....we will solve this problem!
Lin: huh?
Kyoko:We only need a name *grins*
Lin: no.
Kyoko:*pouts* You are no fun lee!!!
Lin: sorry
Kyoko:We might meet later *she stands up and takes the other girls with her*
Lin: .... *looks around*

babysitting part 6


Baldor:*comes in Sephis office* You called for me commander?
Sephiria: sit.
Baldor://She is angry....shit// *sits down* this about a mission?
Sephiria: *places the printed out picture on the table* what's this number VIII?
Baldor://DAMN!!! Wait, Avey is not on the pic//...the crappiest wedding picture ever?..I...he asked me to.
Sephiria: he asked you to lie? injure him, so he ca proove he is no longer chronos ally...he changed his mind anyway....chickend out. So I told him to get the hell out and leave the business to me.
Sephiria: why?
Baldor:....he was in the way and if he really would have died kranz would...and on top he´s a taoist. He can´t be trusted.
Sephiria: yet you trust him more than chronos?
Baldor:If I told you he would have been erased for turning chronos down...I couldn´t do that to kranz.


Kyoko: it's ok.

Lin:*takes her hand*

Kyoko: *smiles* so I'm your girlfriend? 

Lin: only if you want me as your boyfriend

Kyoko: YES!! *hugs him*

Lin:*hugs her back*...lets go i'll bring you home

Kyoko: OK!

Lin:*walks out hand in hand*

Kyoko: *leans on him*

Lin:*smiles for real*

Kyoko:....I really like you.

Lin:*the slightest blush*i too

Kyoko: I know!

Lin:you do!? How?

Kyoko: because you're so nice!

Lin:*laughs *you are very cute kyoko kirisaki

Kyoko: *blushes* thanks!

Lin:you ever kissed?

Kyoko: oh lots of times!


Kyoko: want one?


Kyoko: OK! *kisses him*

Lin:*kisses back, skilled*

Kyoko: mmmm

Lin:*breaks the kiss*

Kyoko: mhm

Lin:good night kyoko

Kyoko: night!

Lin:*texts jenos*i got a dance and kiss. How about you? Not?"

Jenos: lucky. 

Lin:no. Skilled

Jenos: what?!

Lin:i didn't a girlfriend with luck but hard work and flirting skills

Jenos: Lucky! everyone but me can get girls....

Lin:no baldor and kranz get guys. Well kranz did.

Jenos: not fair! and the commanders hooked up too. 

Lin:stop making up storys about sephiria!

Jenos: it's true!!!!!


Jenos: I have proof

Lin:what kind of proof?

Jenos: video! from the security cams!

Lin:we'll see

Jenos: I can show you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jenos: just check your email. I've been sending it around. 

Lin:you're an ass. *reaches his apartment and goes straight to the computer* this is better no bad joke janos.

Jenos: it's not!! I Promise!!

Lin:*opens his mail*..AAHH

Jenos: see? Told you!


Jenos: just to a few people

Lin:this is barely traiting!!!

Jenos: kinda hot right

Lin:NO!! How can you do that to them!?!? They are our superiors!

Jenos: it's fine. They won't know.


Jenos: I told no one to show them. didn't tell me

Jenos: well you would never.

Lin:wouldn't i?

Jenos: if you do I'll send you'll school pic around

Lin:i hate you

Jenos; hahaha I win. 

Sephiria: # VII!!!!!

Lin:*grins* yeah and.your price will be an earfull

Jenos: oh shit..

Sephiria: number VII we need to talk.


Sephiria: what have you been sending around?

Jenos:....i wanted people to know you found love?

Sephiria: I didn't

Jenos:but you made out?

Sephiria: *blushes*

Jenos:*wiggles his eyebrows* i just saw foreplay huh?

Sephiria: you had no right to send that out! you didn't?

Sephiria: what?

Jenos:you and belze stopped at
first base

Sephiria: this if none of you business!

Jenos:have you had second thoughts? Hes old after all

Sephiria: number VII


Sephiria:.., about i help?

Sephiria: what?!

Jenos:with belze

Sephiria: no!

Jenos:why not

Sephiria: no!

Jenos:who stopped?

Sephiria:.....he did

Jenos:why would he?

Sephiria: I'm too young. I mean this is none of your business! 

Jenos:it just become! Don't worry sephi i will talk some sense into belze-san!

Sephria: no please don't

Jenos:but you deserve some

sephiria: no I am Number I. I do not have time 

Jenos:but you kissed him


Jenos:why did he go?

Sephiria: ...

Jenos:i'll ask him

Sephiria: no!

Jenos:*runs to the door*

Sephiria: Jenos don't

Jenos:i will make sure all good

Sephiria: please don't


Sephiria: you can't

Jenos:i can! I talk just right

Sephiria: fine do what you want

Jenos:....*looks at her*

Sephiria: it won't help



Jenos:how much do you like him?

Sephiria: too much

Jenos:does he feel the same?

Sephiria: no


Sephiria: yes

Jenos: okay


Jenos"*gets out*

Sephiria; *sighs*

Doctor: wakes wakey. Kranz

Kranz:*groans* bright.....!!!!

Doctor: oh good. you can see. *holds his hand up*  how many fingers? 

Kranz:*shakes all muscles string*....there is a hand?...*he can only make out blurry outlines at best*

Doctor: oh you can't see shapes yeah. that's fine. The rods in your eyes should have been repaired soon.


Doctor: so? I don't care. from now on don't talk unless I allow you

Kranz:*speaks through gritted teeth* youcantordermearound!!! *he pulls at the straps that hold him

Doctor: I can.

Kranz:*manages to rip a strap. They are not as strong as those in the cell**he reaches out to Choke doc*

Doctor: stop. Lie back down

Kranz:*slowly lays.back down his arm shaking with fury*

Doctor: good

Kranz:what did you do?

Doctor: many things


Doctor: don't you have a better insult?

Kranz:weak coward.

Doctor: ha that's it?

Kranz:let me.go you had your fun

Doctor: no the fun is just beginning


Doctor: well no fun for you but plenty for me. 

Kranz:i hate fun....//this is bad...//

Doctor: oh but you may get to see your little boyfriend again.

Kranz:whish one? And what do i get out of seeing him when i'm a mindless puppet?

Doctor: you get to kill him~

Kranz:i won't. Baldor knows my way of fighting better than anyone else. He will not loose.

doctor: Number or not, no one can kill their lover. 

Kranz:he can.

Doctor: I doubt it 

Kranz:he will know i am no longer...he won't care about a shell

Doctor: we'll see

Kranz:what about gium?

Doctor: I don't know. I doubt you'll ever see him again

Kranz:good//its that for him//

Doctor: than I should find him.

Kranz:he is of no use for you. He isn't even a good taoist

Doctor: watching you kill him would be funny. 

Kranz:...but i won't give any reaction and gium isn't much of a fight

Doctor: it's always funny to see people try and reason will death love ones *laughs* 


Doctor: now let's see your eyes.

Kranz:*turns his head away*

Doctor: look at me

Kranz:*cramps a little as he tries to resist*

Doctor: face me

Kranz:*turns to him shaking*

Doctor: good.

Kranz:*spits at him*


Kranz:suits you

Doctor: we need to work on your manners. Maybe you shouldn't talk.


Doctor: better

Charden:*looks in* hello doctor

Doctor: yes?

Charden:i need to you for a moment

Doctor: about what?

Charden:....i said we won't shed any blood

Doctor: I won our bet

Charden: number VIII and the taoist weren't part of

Doctor: you can't defeat chronos with out killing the numbers.

Charden:i can

Doctor: I doubt it

Charden:this is MY revolution doc

Doctor: oh and your doing such a good job

Charden:yes..thanks for pointing that out

Doctor: we need to change our tactics

Charden: we are on a good way

Doctor: that won't work


Doctor: we don't have take Creed's tactics but we need to work


Doctor: see my point


Doctor: don't act like a child

Charden:i don't but you should just accept my way of handling this

Doctor: not if I see it failing

Charden:we got it economically down nearly!

Doctor; it will come back least leave the Taoist out.

Doctor: fine fine I'll leave the innocent out


Doctor: anything else?

Charden:if i find out you hurt anyone innocent i will you

Doctor: how can you? You need me to live.

Charden:its not worth it if to means you kill innocent people

Doctor: oh really?

Charden:yes. *glares* we have to stop chronos. Back to work

Doctor: of course

Charden:*looks apologize to kranz than leaves*


Gium:*plays with avey outside**bal by his side*

Steve and george:*watch from a hiding place*

Bal: you ok?

Gium:*practices standing with avey*...kinda...


Bal: we're still married,

Gium:i know. But we made the circumstances clear.*looks troubled*


Bal; do you want to get unmarried? 

Gium:...maybe after a while longer...right now this is a good solution

Bal: ok.


Avey:ma! Ma!!

Bal: who's that?

Avey:*thinks for a while*....*points at gium* ma!!

Gium:*can't help bit smile a bit*

Bal: awwww

Gium:*scoops her up* glad to see you don't take after the goat too much!

Steve:...hey George...what was it that he called Baldor all the time

George: um.

Steve:....there is something about the brat...

Gium:so who is this?*points at bal*

Avey: pa?

Bal: um.

Gium:....its alright. As long as she won't throw with rocket bowling balls.


George: no it can't be

Steve:....we need to bring them to chronos. Just to make sure

George: how?


George: but that Taoists

Steve: only the guy and he is weak

George: but there's others.

Steve:they are not always around

George: ok but we should report this first

Steve:sure! I will keep watch you contact number I or II

George: got it

Steve:*returns to their hideout and phone chronos*

At the other end: what would you like to report?

Steve:me and my partner were ordered to watch the taoist and the woman. The child they got with them has a strange a number

Person: hold on I'll transfer your call to the higher ups

Steve: of course. *waits*

Sephiria: hello?

Steve:commander? Agent steve here. I have a report concerning the Taoist spys brat

Sephiria: the child?

Steve":yes. It shows a huge resemblence to number VIII.

Sephiria: what?!

Steve:it looks just like him and they made suspicious comments
Sephiria: I'll call you back

Steve: okay

Sephiria: *hangs up*

Steve:**waits patiently*

*his phone rings*


Sephiria: sorry for the wait.

Steve:No problem at all. So what are we supposed to do?

Sephiria: take the child to main HQ.

Steve:What if it´s caretaker refuse?

Sephiria: I said take the child. Take it no matter what even if you have to kill them.

Steve:Weren´t one of them supposed to spy for us?

Sephiria: that doesn't matter now. Get the child.

Steve: Okay....*hangs up*....this will be bothersome

Gium:*has settles down with Avey in a armchair on the porch, reading to her*

George; really?

Steve:Yes. We have to take the child and bring it to chronos. No matter what.

George; ok. how do we do this? Shoot him get the kid and run?

George: where's the woman?

Steve: Don´t know. But she is no threat anyway

George: do we need back up?

Steve:Haven´t seen the older Taoist anywhere. I think we can do this alone

George; alright

Steve;*gets out his gun*

George: *draws his gun*

Gium:....and if they lived happily ever after. 

Steve:*aims for gium*

Gium: huh?

Steve:*walks up so gium can see him*....hand over the kid

Gium; what?! No!!!

Steve;*points the the gun to his head* NOW

Gium; *starts singing*

Steve:huh?...*slowly drops the gun* what the...

Gium: *keeping singing backing away*


George: *shoot gium*

Steve:*catches avey*

Gium:*gets down*

George: we hold no grudge against you. Stay on the ground and you will not be erased

Gium:*grabs steves leg* Give her back...

George: *shoots him again*


Steve:*tugs avey into his coats as she starts crying*

Bal: *elsewhere* *jumps up*

Steve:Let´s hurry. We need to get out of here before the old one come home.


Bal: where's gium?!

George: let's go!

Steve:Allright! *runs with george to their hideout*

Avey:*crys at the top of her lungs*

Gium:*tries to call out but can´t**looks at the blood* AM I SO WEAK! AVEY//

George: GET DOWN!! *dodges rocks* 

Steve:*lets himself fall on his back to dodge the next rock* WHAT THE HELL!?

George: we got company.

Gustav:.....*his gaze is cold* You shoot my son and try to steal my granddaughter.

George: *shoots him*

Gustav:*blocks it with a massive rock* Differnet from my son I AM a fighter. You won´t leave my grounds alive.

George: then you leave us no choice. Steve shot the boy

Steve:Uhm...*looks back at Gium*

Gium:*glares at him, breathing heavy*

Gustav:*prepares a few rocks* If you dare I will bring war upon you...

George: *shoot gusttav* I dare

Gustav;*the stone protects him* So do I. I would kill both of you on the spot but sadly your partner holds Avey. *throws a massive rock to george*

George: *dodges* Steve!

Steve:I....what if he really can provoke war?

Gustav:*runs towards george*

George: don't try old man we are in the right here



George: the child is chronos property

Gustav:A Child can never be a property adn my son has these papers


George: what?!

Steve:he´s kinda bleeding out already...


George: doesn't matter!

Gustav:SHIT! *rushes over to his son*....we better get you help first huh?

Steve:Let´s go this is our chance

Avey:*cries miserably*

George: yeah. 

Steve:*runs with george*

Gustav:*glares after them but picks gium up and dashes for the medics hut*

George: that worked well

Steve:if you say so...*looks at avey who screams on and on* there a way to make it stop?

George: gag it?

Steve:No we should bring it alive and healthy


George: rock it?

Steve:.....*turns her from one side to the other*

Avey:*sounds more angry now* WWWAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

George: uh

Steve:....lets put her to the backseat and just ignore her on the way

George:good idea

Steve:*puts avey into the car, puting the belts on her so she sits*

Avey:*went back to crying again*

George: that was easy

Steve:let´s hurry non the less before the whole village comes after us

George: huh? I can't start the car.

Steve:let´s hurry non the less before the whole village comes after us

George: I'm trying. 

Steve:I don´t see you trying!! *gets into the car too*

George: than you try!


george: take them!

Steve:No I already am at the passenger seat

George: than help me 

Steve:With WHAT!? get in the that car and DRIVE!?

George: the door's stuck 

Steve;*kicks against the door*

George: shit *jumps back dodging a tree*


George: more taoists!

Steve:*takes a look* Angry taoists....*kicks the door harder* DAMNIT!

Woman: give back the child!!!

Steve:THE CHILD BELONGS TO CHRONOS!!! *gets out with his gun in hand*

Avery:mmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *cries*

Woman: children belong to no one!

Steve:A lot more children do than you know!! *holds the gun to the car* Come closer and I´ll shoot her

Woman: give back the child!

Steve:*shoots the seat next to avey*

Avey:*screams in fear*

Woman: NO!

Steve:GO AWAY! Or I´ll shoot again!!


Woman: no


Woman: I can't let you take her.

Steve:*points his gun at her* Go.

Woman: I can't. I made a promise

Steve:To whom?

Woman: her mother!!

Steve:What mother? We don´t know who the mother is yet. Are you talking about that blond bride?

Woman: yes. *throws more trees*

Steve:*shoots at her* THAN TELL HER TO COME ON HER OWN!

Bal: I did.´re not the kids mother and you damn well know it. You have no more right to keep her than we have.

Bal: give me back my baby!!!!

Steve:Shut up and get yourself an own and a husband who doesn´t prefere man this time...we kinda made you a widow anyway

Bal; Gium!

Steve:Got shot twice.

Bal: no.

Steve:He did. Why do you thing the rocksmashing guy went off?


Steve:*gets back into the car* DRIVE GEORGE!!!!

George: tree on car

Steve:SHIT! *grabs Avey from the backseat**holding his gun to her head* We are leaving by foot than

Woman: no you're not!

Steve: I´ll shoot her if you don't back off!! You want both of your little family dead!?

Bal: no please!

Steve:Than BACK OFF!

Bal: please

Steve:No. *lets the gun click*

Bal: *start crying*


George: just go

Steve:but she....okay *begins to walk away with george*

Avey:daaa.....daaaaaa *cries*

George: this will be along walk

Steve:*huffs* The brat better be quite

George: it won't

Steve:*sighs* Why would chronos have it back already?

George: I don't know

Steve:*looks at avey*.....she might be baldors offspring....but baldor is difficult

George: quiet!

Steve:he IS

George: shh


George: we're being followed.

Steve:!!! *looks around*....*whispers* You saw who it was?

George: no got your gun?...shoot them if necessary

George: of course

Steve;*tries to spot them*

George: keep moving

Steve:I do! But I don´t like being followed and not knowing by who!

George: quiet moron



George: urg


Steve:*growls*....whoever follows us will get annoyed by it and drop it

George: or not.


George: shhhhh. Ok go on I'll go back and get them.

Steve:Are you nuts`We don´t split up, I have the reason they dropped it on my arm, you....nothing.

George: I can go behind and erase them

Steve:It´s too dangerous if we don´t know WHO´s behind us....the old man will be too much.

George: and what if they stop us?

Steve:Together we have better chances. If they come to near we threat the brat again

George: fine

Steve:....I bet it´s the woman...

George: or more


George: shit


George: they are closer

Steve:....maybe we should stop and fight them off?

George: you go ahead and get back up


George: *runs the other ways*

Steve:*runs until he thinks himself out of reach* Damnit, that´s all your fault!!

Avey: BAH! *angry*

George: ok come and get me!

Taoist: Are you the childs thief?

George: are you trying to stop me?

Taoist:We are here to bring the child back. Chronos will never again steal a child from a clan.

George: try me!

Taoist:*throws a seal*

George: *shoot them*


other t.*creates a barrier* No use. You are not even a number.

George: yeah but I can take you. *thorws a grenade*

Taoist:*Hides behid his barricade to get of most of the blow*

Taoist2:*his tao is teleportation**he reappers behind george* Can you?

George: *fire behind him*

Taoist:*gets shot but stabs George with a dagger* CHILD THIEF!

George: urg!

Taoist1:*runs up to him and punches him*

George: *grabs his wrist*

Taoist1:*kicks out*

George: dammit better start talking...*his fellow lies on the ground bleeding* Rihgt now you are in fault of two badly injuried and a kidnapping of a child...if our medics screw up even of murder

George: I'm an eraser. Everything we do is for chronos. *holding another genade* *grabx the taoist*

Taoist:There will come more. What make us different from Chronos is that we care for each least the continental clans do. We will not let you take away one of us.

George: your too late. *drop the grenade* *grabs the Taoist*

Steve:*hears the explosion*.....So....we are on our own now...

New Taoist: yes we are

Steve:SHIT! *shoots at her and starts running*


Taoist: *dodges* idiot! I'm with you.

Steve,*stops*....what? Why would you be? You´re a Taoist.

Taoist (woman with blood red hair); who gave you the tip to come here. Follow me. I'm max. I was a spy on the apostles now I watch Tao clans. Now move it! I know a short cut.

Steve:...uhm....okay...*follows her* George didn´t make it did he?

Max: I don't know. far to the next base?

Max: far but I have a car hidden you can take.

Steve:...what about you?

Max: I'll hold them off and cover you

Steve: But they´ll suspect you. Why would you stay with them?

Max: I'll get a new mission than

Steve:come with me! We killed three of them...You are not safe here

Max: I'll be fine. I knew what I was getting into. long have you been among them? Are they as bad as all say?

Max: no they full of mercy and weak. they don't really want to fight. 

Steve: ...*looks at avey*.....are their medics any good?

Max: for sicknesses yes. Not for bullet wounds

Steve:...than I later must apologise to the brat for killing her caretaker.

Max: no. Move now.

Steve:Huh. Bye. ANd thanks. *gets into the car with avey and drives of*

Avey:*cries along*

Max:... Good luck

Taoist:*finally catches up* Where is he??

Max: I I don't know. I'm sorry I lost them.

Taoist:...*looks very angry*....this is nothing we can tolerate....chronos got too far

Max: yes *starts crying* why would they do that?!!!

Taoist: They are chronos. They don´t care for anything but power. Not even for their underlings. One of them killed himself and two of our men

Max: this was why I was an apostle chronos needs to end

Taoist: YES! This means WAR!

Max: how will we fight them?

Taoist:We will contact the other clans and combine our strength.

Max: I heard there was another group after chronos.

Taoist: Don´t care. We have nothing in common with them. I´ll go back. We need to inform the clan chiefs, who knows....the main clan from yamnto might be up for a nother war

Max: what if they kill us?

Taoist: There will be dead but they can´t kill us all. Chronos is weakened by this other group and and the apostles. They Haven't fully recovered yet let alone replaced all numbers. And there are more clan-people than chronos knows.

Max: what? how?

Taoist:*grins* You´ll find out soon

Max: tell me I want to help.

Taoist:....not all of us live with the clan directly

Max: I know.

Taoist: Far more than you think

Max: are there some in chronos?!

Taoist:....why do you ask?

Max: I want to help them!

Taoist: Your not here for long...

Max: I now *sniffs* I'm still just an outsider. I I abused the Tao for Creed and *cires*

Taoist: You damn well did

Max: I'm sorry *crying*

Taoist:*rolls his eyes* COme. We need to get back. See if the chiefs son survived. Than we can decide whish measures are nesasary

Max: I'm coming.

Taoist:*goes telling his clanmates what happened*

Max: *walks away* 

Chronosguy:*does paperwork while wating for reports*

Max: HQ come in. this is red. 

Cg: Oh Agent Red? I was waiting for you report. How did the situation develope? Did Agent Steve and George get the Child?

Max: yes but the Taoists are more dangerous then previously reported. they plan to attack chronos. they must be erased. 

Cg: How many? The whole Village or just a few leaders?

Max: all of them. they pan to contact mainland taoists. were just supposed to get the kid. Why are they so furious?

Max: they want the kid themselves 

Cg:*groans* You took it on day? When it was at the village? You should have made it look like it was taken or fell off a cliff while it´s caretaker was mugged and murdered.

Max: they started without me. they didn't even know I was here. 

Cg: Damn....did they kill the kids caretaker?

Max: I don't know. they tried.

Cg:Make sure. He might know WHY the kid is important.

Max: yes sir

Cg:Good. I await our next report tomorrow. We´ll send erasers the next three days. How many do you need?

Max: a few dozen sir. 

Cg:good. Keep them put.

Max: yes sir.

Cg*hangs up*

Max: alright. *walks back to the clan* 

Taoists:*talk to each other nervously, everybody has gathered*

Taoistfrombefore: Oh, it´s you. Where have you been so long?
Max: sorry I was trying to check on Gium. was he already taken to the healers?

Taoist: why would you? You are neither a healer nor a friend of him. I appreciate you want to help but stay out of that.

Max: it let them get away with his kid. I wanted to say sorry.

Taoist:...It´s not your fault....but okay. He is in the medics hut.

Max: thank you

Taoist: *simply nods and turn back to the others*

Max: what this all about?

Taoist: We discuss our next move. Someone will have to contact the main clan, some are already on their way to the other tribes to tell them.

Max: how long will it take to each them?

Taoist: About a week...

Max: wait how will they get there?

Taoist: By foot of course!!!

Max: than how will you get to the main island?!

Taoist: Oh you mean the main clan? I was talking about the other clans. To reach the mainland we´ll need two weeks since we need to organize a boat first.

Max; maybe I could help with that?

Taoist: No

Max: let me do something! I could just get the boat for you! I fit in to normal society the best!

Taoist:we don't use normal Boats they cant reach yamonto.

Max: why not?

Taoist:you are not here long enough ... this is a secret among clan people only

Max: with my Tao I can do something

Taoist: Sorry the others won´t talk to you. You are too new.

Max: sorry.

Taoist: No need to be. Go do what you wanted and talk to gium.


Taoist: He´s in the medics hut and should be awake by now.

Max: thank you. ///I Better kill the messagers first\\

Messager1:*at home packing*

Max : *walks toward the healing hut*

Messager1:*walks by the hut, saying goodbye*

Max: // better wait for them to leave\\

Messagers:*all of them get going in the evening*

Max: ....

Messenger1:*walks up a path to the south*....this is going to be a loooong way

Max:..,*following him slowly*

Messenger1:*stops by a tree to look at his map*

Max: *takes a deep breathes* *runs past them**so fast she can't be since* *shoots them*

Messenger:*go down**they die in confusion*

Max: next

Other Messenger:*climbs by the mountains*

Max; *runs off*

Messenger 2:*looks back at the village in silent*

Max: //come on go farther//

Messenger 2:*sighs and climbs higher*

Max: //now!///*runs pass them*

Messangers:*look surprised* wha-

Max: *stabs their hand*

*the stare at their at their hands suddenly start to shale*

Max:  *pushes them off the path*

Messengers:*slowly die*

Max: *kicks them off the side of the 

Messanger3:*walk to a river*

Max: *grabs them by the neck*

Messanger:what the-

Max: *forces his head into the river*

Messenger:*tries to fight her off*

Max: No no *uses more force*


Max: *pushes the body in the river*

Gium:*lies on a bed in the medics hut**he´s awake but still a little absent from the painkiller-potions*

Max: *starts walking back*

Gium:...whoa...anyone here?

Max: hey.

Gium: hi...*he turns his head to the direction of the voice* who are you?

Max: I'm new to the clan.

Gium uh got bloody hair

Max: It's just red. 

Gium: yeeaaahh...very red. Why are you here?

Max: to see why my baby brother gave up his career.

Gium:*nods smiling lazy* That´s nice...caring for your brother. You found out already?

Max: of course we did. I'm here to kill you too.

Gium: Oh you killed more? You are not so nice after all huh?

Max: I was never nice.

Gium: Too bad. You look nice

Max: I supposed to.

Gium: you know about my kid? *he speaks less slury, the meds begin to wear off*

Max: she's not your child.

gium: She is. she called me ma and once even pa

Max: she belongs to chronos.

Gium:She a kid. kids don´t belong to anyone.

Max: she does. 

Gium:*shakes his head and groans since it causes him a headache*...s-she is free....she can´t be like her dad...

Max: he may or may not.

Gium:*shakes his head* I promised Baldor to grant her a childhood

Max: My brother is so naive 

Gium: Baldor is your brother? You helped kidnapping your own niece?

Max: yup.

Gium: You kidnapped a did that while kranz is in danger...while my whole clan is in rage...why are you all so stpid?
Max: the bosses are.

gium:why follow them than?

Max: no choice 

Max: not in chronos. Choices are made for you


Max: I think I'll let you live.

Gium: Oh that would be nice...why?

Max: I don't feel like cleaning up after my brother

Gium: Good point...

Max: well. I still can't leave you here.

Gium: I just got two bullets removed from  my chest. I´m going nowhere.

Max: you're coming with me. And I treat you

Gium: How do I know you´re not planning something backstabbing?

Max: it won't be you I plan to hurt.

Gium:...still i can't get out of here...bal and my father will be worried

Max: so I should kill you?

Gium:....where do we go?

Max: my place. 

Gium:*sits up groaning*

Max: I'll carry you.

Gium:you sure you can i am as tall as you?

Max: I can hold you. 

Gium:Alright, if you drop me I cry keep that in mind

Max: *pick him up* just try no to puke.

Gium:*holds onto her* why should i pu-uuhhh!!!!

Max: *runs at top speed*

Gium:*clings to her like a lifeline*

Max: hold on. This should take an half an hour.

Gium: How farr!?!?!? *panicked*

Max: far!

Gium:*whines and clings harder*

20 minutes later
Gium:*lets go and wobbles a bit until he goes down to his knees trying hard not to puke*

Max: ok you can walk from here right?

Gium:uuurrg....w-where are we? Walk?

Max: just a small chronos owned city I live sometimes.

Gium: But there are no citys arou-....where are the mountains?

Max: miles away. *drops him*

GIum: ouch! Oh god...//thanks my mom never carried me while running...// So...what now?

Max: we go to my place. I brib a doctor and take a nap

Gium:*checks his bandages*...I think I´m fine...they got the bullets out.

Max; ok suit yourself

Gium:*nods*...*he follows close after her, looking around curiously*

Max: this way. Run away I kill you.

Gium:dont worry i lost too muchblood to run

Max: good I need a nap

Gium:me too!

 Max: great I have a spare room.

Gium:*walks up and takes her hand* sounds good

Max: great this is the building.


Max: *faints*

Gium:WHA!! HEy!?! Don´t do that on me!!! *gets down to her, shaking her* MAX!! Wake up!! I can´t carry you anywhere!!!

Max: so-sorry. I used tooo much ch-chi

Gium: Oh that happens to me all the time...where´s you apartment?

Max: 605

Gium:...I...I doubt you want me to pull you across 6 stairways...

max: Elevator. tell them I'm drunk. 

Gium:urgh...*wrpas his arms around her torso and begins to pull whincing as his wounds hurt again*

Person: hey are you ok?

Gium:*looks up*....uhm....*slurs* Nah mate...she kinda *hick*...passed out..*giggles* She´s so wasted it´s funny...still need to..ya..know...up. *hicks*

Person: is that Rachel?! 

Gium:nah that´s my girlfriend

Person: she looks like my neighbor 


Person: huh?

Gium:The aapartment,

Person: oh this way I'll hold her. 

Gium:thanks mate *wobbles and follows him*

Person: man what did you guys drink?

Gium:a looooot...*holds his side*

Person: that's not safe. Ok here we are.

Gium:No risk no fun buddy //Where are those damn painkilling herbs???// Hey honey you got the key? *talks to max*

Max: yeah mat under it

Gium:*gives her a annoyed look* //Seriously? So much carelessness from an eraser?// *fishes the key from under the mat* Thanks can go now

Person: alright be safe. 

Gium:We wiiiillll

Max: *flops on her couch* 

Gium:*lets himslef fall on an armchair, searching his tunic pockets for the herbs*

Max: Need anything? 

Gium:My painkiller...and a new bandage this one is starting to soke...*whinces*

Max: *sighs* *gets up* I have some in the bathroom

Gium:erasers live dangerous i guess

Max: yup here *throws him some pills*

Gium:*curls himself to a ball on the armschair*

Max: tomorrow I'm getting you a real doctor.

Gium:*already asleep*

Max: good now *walks to her room*

Gium:*trashes around in his sleep mumbling*

Max; rise and shine!!

Gium:*jumps awake looking alarmed* DON´T!

Max: time to go.

Gium: ....max? What will happen to avey?

Max: I don't know. she could be as a number and trained or end up like me. thrown aside and ruined but nearly free. 

Gium: ... ruined? *tears up*

Max: I've got that in my system! *rolls up her sleeve to show scars from needles* Tao becomes part of your blood it never leaves.

Gium:...but tao comes from your ow has always been in you...why needlemarks?

Max: it's in our blood. They wanted to study it. They try to take it out. They couldn't

Gium:*grins* Of course they couldn´t. they don´t know the old recipe of the spirit drink nor how exactly tao works. there are so many books on the issue but I never really read them...sadly.

Max: they studied it in me and in others.

Gium: Others?!

Max: other Taoists

Gium: No taoist would let chronos text them

Max; who said they had a choice

Gium:....I want my child back. Immediately.

Max: no

Gium: She is also your family!!!

Max: It doesn't matter least give me a tip!!!

Max: ok. give up.

Gium: NEVER!!! Chronos first took my boyfriend and than my child I won´t give up!!!

Max: if you could get one back..,

Gium:It would be avey..kranz has Baldor...he will be okay. Avey has noone.

Max: wrong choice

Gium:wrong because you'd rather help me get.kranz back so chronos doesn't recrute another number?

Max; he's the only one you could help.

Gium:...what do you know?

Max: I might see him.

Gium:What!? How!?!?!

Max; my next mission. I'm going to join what's left of the apostles

Max: yup I'm joining to set destroyer of time!

Gium:they will find out

Max: I just need to kill Charden

Gium:charden is a nice guy

Max; so?

Gium:he has good Intentions.he shouldnt be killed.

Max: toooo bad.


Max: so time to go.

Gium:you are a cold person....i come with you to save kranz and charden but later i'll save my kid too

Max: oh no. You are not invading my mission.right now you're going to descent doctor. 

Gium:you are not my boss!!

Max: I own you now

Gium:*jumps a back* NOONE OWNS ME!! i got issues about that....

Max; I let you live so I'll make you live.

Gium:I am totally fine. *sways, looking pale*....never felt better.

Max: *picks him up*

Gium:*trashes around* WHY CAN YOU DO THAT!!!

Max: I was going to be a number. stop or I'll run. 


Max; good *starts walks out of the apartment*

Gium:...will Kranz be okay?

Max: no idea.

Gium:Will Baldor be?

Max: physically

Gium:And mentally?

Max: don't know.


Max: ok *drops him in her backseat of her car*

Gium:*keeps silent*

Max: ok buckle up. 

Gium:*does as told* wont the doc ask questions?

Max: no I won't let him

Gium:...i am not sure about this

Max: too bad.

Gium:...*waits for the drive to end*

Max: you alive back there?


Max: good.

Gium:what kinda doc is that?

Max: underground doc without a chronos connection 

Gium: does he know what he does!?

Max: he was a doctor in a military. He couldn't make it through med school no i don't wanna go!!

Max: why it not like you clan nut jobs have degrees.

Gium:they are good!! They have traditional knowledge

Max: he has field experience. He great will bullet wounds

Gium:*glares but keeps.quite*

Max: quite.


Max: quiet now!


Max: get down.

Gium:whats wrong?

Max: shhh. 

*car polls up by them*

Gium:*ducks down*.....???

Jenos: *rolls down his window* Hey Red! you're back!

Max: leave me alone number VII.

Jenos:aw don't be like that! We should drink a coffee and chat about recent development

Max: not interested. 

Jenos: oh come on! I wont be creepy again i swear

Max:than leave me alone number VII

Jenos:no. We should become friends.

Max: it's not proper to have personal contentions to your underlings. 

Jenos:*smiles* i dont care darling

Max: I am not interested. 

Jenos:....why not?

Max: do I need to spell it out for you? I am not interested in men. 

Jenos:but we cou- WHAR!,

Max: *Groans* *drives off* 

Gium:*looks up* you are aware that he will now stalk you?

Max: what do you mean "now"?

Gium: Oh. *smiles a little* Than he´ll just try to be better.

Max: than I'll key his car

Gium:don't forget to smash the windows

Max: yeah

Gium:...what will you do if you get caught

Max: pay him back.

Gium:i mean that you help me

Max: huh? Oh um turn you in.

Gium:i didn't do anything...yet

Max: you stole a future number

Gium:I didn´t steal her I legally adopted her!!! And she is a baby. A. Normal. Baby. No chemicals or crazy operations or anything. she is not even very far for a baby her age she is normal

Max: for now.

Gium:She will stay normal.

Max: I doubt that

Gium:*his hands are cramping down on his arms, he looks straight to the front* She will...she will...

Max: we're here.

GIum:*looks out* looks crappy

Max: shut it.

Gium:It´s true!!

Max: can you walk?

Gium:Yepp...*walks on shiking legs*

Max: I can carry you

Gium: Please let me have this little dignity I have left

Max: ok

Gium:*walks with her to the doctors room*

Max: hey!

Doc: Oh. Agent Red. Pleasure to meet you again. Who is your pale friend?

Max: Gium. Taoist. Fix him up don't say anything.

Doc:A taoist? Now that is new. What happend? *pokes giums bandages*

Gium: OW!

Max: fix him

Doc:are the bullets out already? It was shooting wasn´t it? Take of that shirt and lay down

Gium: No it doens´t look clean here

Max: wanna be shot again?

Gium:....*takes off his shirt and lays down*

Doc:*takes off the old bandaged and begins to exam*


Doc: Please hand me the sedative Agent. I need to fix this up.

Max: where are they?

Doc:Shelf next to you.

Gium:*struggles* I don´t wanna!

Max: got em

Doc:Thanks. Please hold him down while I sedate him.

Max: yeah *grabs him*

Gium:No! I  don´t wa-..*dozes off*

Doc: I made this sedative myself. Especially for difficult patients.

Max: he's not that bad is he?

Doc:no. But he seemed annoying.

Max: he really is.

Doc:*begins to cut*

Max; what are you doing?

Doc: I want to check how they fixed this. Never seen Tao-medicine before

Max: I think they use plaints 


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