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The moment you touch the rim of the bottle to throw it away, you can see the shake hands holding it. Drunk. You assume. You’ve seen it before. Lot of beer can and bottle get left by drunks. You don’t mind cleaning up. It’s like people watching the past. But this. This is old. The path you see through the eyes of the former owner of the bottle is unmarked. The owner didn’t walk on the hiking trails but through the forest. Perhaps they weren’t public yet. The bottle is lifted toward the owners mouth. Emptying it. Now holding it down. The bottle in one hand while the former owner tries to undo his pants!? Oh. Ew.
You drop the bottle. It’s rained since then you’re sure. But you’re not picking that up again, you decide as you did in your bad for hand sanitizer.
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    At first she thought it was just a big pimple. Right there, on her upper lip. Was it there last night? She panicked. It was huge! The size of her fingertips and covered in dried pus and scab. Ugh. Disgusting.
    Was she allergic to the pain medications she’d been taking? She had a bad toothache for weeks now. She knew she should’ve gone to the dentist but work kept her too busy so she never did. She’d assumed it was just the cavity and dismissed it as not a big deal. She was wrong.
    It itched. It itched! Despite knowing she shouldn’t, the woman picked at the yellow and brown scab. The scab filled her fingernails. Pus poured out of the wound. It was a nasty yellowish gray color. She wiped at the fluid with the back of her hand. Then proceeded wipe off her hand on her pajama pants. She quickly grabbed some tissues and rubbed them over the wound trying to clean it. Was it infected? She worried.
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lost and found
XXXXXXXXXX City Transit Authority log
XTA Lost and Found item # 362
Reported by xxxxxx
Date: xx-xx-xxx
Package. Squire box. Covered in blue wrapping paper. Unopened.
5 by 7 inches. 6 inches tall. Weight: 0.57 lbs.
Attached tag: “Dear (words faded, unreadable) Happy (words faded, unreadable) Love (words faded, unreadable)”
Attached card message: “Thank you for away being there for me. I can never match what you have done for me but I hope this makes you think of me. Don’t forget me Darling. I won’t ever forget you.”
Found under bus stop bench at 17st street at stop for 105. Reported at 4:37pm. Said to have been under bench for about a week before reported.
Time since report: 4 months
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the Witch and the Princess
EXT. village
market- noon
AMBER (16),dressed in black walks through the village market
carrying a basket full of food. the people in the stalls glare at her. as she
walks by villagers avoid her. none come within three feet of her.
Amber stares at a young man and woman walking by holding hand.
INT. witch's
tower- afternoon
Amber comes inside and places her basket on a table
Master! I have returned!
HECATE (60s) Amber's master and a powerful witch is talking
in another room.
Hecate (o.s)
It pains me but I have run out of time. I must bid you
goodbye for now.
other witch (O.S)
It does not matter. we shall be together again at the next
full moon.
than I shall say goodbye my daring. I will see you again.
Amber waits by the door to the stair. she has been listening.
HECATE  enters the room. Amber walks up to her.
Your partner is lovely Master.
Yes. she is. But don't mind  my  apprentice your
true partner will find you in time. study hard and one
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If there was a pill for happiness
If there was a pill for happiness everyone would want it. It would be expensive, costing more than it took to make.
If there was a pill for happiness it would be considered a cure for depression but only if you could prove you were depressed enough would it be covered by medical insurance.
If there was a pill for happiness children would be banned from taking it. Adult would say “they don’t really need it. We’re the ones stressed and miserable. They can be happy on their own”
If there was a pill for happiness people would take it daily with their morning coffee. Force themselves to be happy like they forced themselves to be awake.
If there was a pill for happiness we would forget how to be happy without it. If you were happy you must be high.
If there was a pill for happiness I would take it. Would you?
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III:A Test of Patience part I: A Rude Awakening
Partners III:A Test of Patience part I: A Rude Awakening
     Ever had a bad day? Everyone has. But what about a really awful day that seems to get worse and worse by the minute? People say a bad day is often caused by waking up on the wrong side of the bed. But perhaps waking up is the problem in general. Especially waking up way too early.
    The young assassin groaned at the noise from the hallway while trying to block out the light streaming in from the window. “Urgh. Stupid kids. Don’t they have somewhere to be instead of running around in the hallway?”  Complained Train Heartnet as he forced himself out of bed. Running his fingers through his already messy hair, Train began rummaging through his room for clean clothes. “I should just go back to sleep.” He yawned after looking at the clock, which said “12:06”
Of course 12 o’clock noon for most people doesn’t count as ear
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“Don’t move now <3 Or I’ll slit your throat” a man with silver hair said. With a sword at his neck Sadon couldn’t make a break for it if he had the strength
“Sadon Colney, explosives expert. You’re coming with us to the police station.” A woman in a kimono said cheerfully.  
“y-you’re not cops who- who are you?” he stuttered.
“Sweepers” the woman answered, “…mercenaries… stray cats.”
Outside the police station Creed Diskenth leaned against the banister running a cloth over his orichalcum blade. He stopped to trace the golden XIII with his fingers. The XIII engraved in the sword matched the one in black ink staining his skin, souvenirs from his time serving Chronos. It had been weeks since he cleaned his weapon yet there was still nothing to clean. A few days without cleaning his sword he expected it to be dull with blood but now there was barely dirt to wipe off.
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Mature content
Nothing more than a child :iconbunny-lover14:bunny-lover14 4 8
Half a Second of Doorways by bunny-lover14 Half a Second of Doorways :iconbunny-lover14:bunny-lover14 4 5
Gium and Eve part 4
part 1 

part 2

part 3 

Gium:*hics* on a empty stomach is Bad...*leans nö Trains shoulder* my Head Spins...
Train: I'm not helping you.
Lin: oh look
Baldor: fine 
Gium:*grab his shoulder*
Kranz: Good evening x....Miss...are there more?
Train: hey Kranz long time no see...well I guess not.
Baldor: heartnet. why are you here?
Lin:we Are in a double Date! Now a triple Date!
Kranz:creed is here?
Gium:uuugh....*leans up again to Look at Train* i Need More wine!
Baldor: ....Gium?! why are you here?
Kranz:you and creed have been a couple for so- GIUM!?!?!?
Lin:Train-San and the Little redhead joined in our double date.
Gium:*glares* ohh???Look WHO has a date
Train: I was Not with Creed!!!!!
Baldor: so do you.
Gium:nah i own the Guy food for Letting me go party
Kranz:you were. Why Are you going on a Date with my-
Lin:Kranz, baldor.
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Gium and Eve part 2

GIum:....I´d better think of an explanation why I park on the couch...
Baldor: *comes home* huh?
Gium:*heard the door and pretends to be asleep*
Kranz: what is it?
Baldor: why's he on the couch?
Kranz:He fell asleep? Could happen to you too. Hey Gium, get up and to your own room if you want to nap, the couch is for everyone.
Gium:...//Damnit I still can´t move proberly..//*snores*
Baldor: did he get drunk and pass out?
kranz:Wouldn´t be the first time *sighs*
Gium:*grunts*//Fuck you baldor!!//
Baldor: should we leave him?
Kranz:What if he gets sick? I don´t want the mess in the livingroom
Baldor: wanna throw him outside? 
Kranz:No to his own room, he is responsible for that. Can you do this for me? I´ll go send Sephiria our report
Baldor: no. 
kranz:baldor he is out cold. he cannot do anything to you just do it. *goes to the office*
Baldor: fine
gium:*blinks*//HIM!? KRANZ!!!!//
Baldor: *grabs him*
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some things never change-a black cat skit

Karl: "Boy you need some colors, you need to grow out of your rebellious teenager behavior!"
Train: "'s fine Karl."
Karl:"I just mean...what is wrong about blue? Or red? You can also wear green or grey? Or even White? You look like one of this emotional kids."
Train: "what's wrong with Black?"
Karl:"A little black or all black from time to time is okay but you look like you are in permanent lament."
Train: it's camouflage.
Karl:"So why are you wearing it at bright day and everytime?"
Train: I mainly go outside at night.
karl:"You could go out more on the day. You stay up way to long and who knows where you are hanging out after the missions at night."
Train: Karl! I'm 19. I'm one of Chronos best assassins! you don't need to worry about me!
Karl:As long as my name stands in the gab for "legal guardian sings here" I have every damn right to!!! And about the assassin thing, I heard from Belze that you never play - sorry, hang o
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black cat Halloween contest
The eerie green light and music leaking out under the door of number 301 in the middle of the night shouldn’t have been noticeable to anyone. Except of course someone coming home from work at three in the morning who had been too lazy to turn on the lights like Train Heartnet. The Chronos number could see pretty well in the dark and although the streetlights had blurred out some of his night vision he frankly did not want to get yell that by other people in his apartment building who probably wouldn’t appreciate the hallway lights turning on in the middle of the night for the second time this week.
“What is she doing?” Train wondered staring at the light escaping from Saya Minatsuki’s door. Did she still waiting for me again? I told her not to. …. Whatever. I’m starving, I need a shower and I want to go to sleep. This is not my problem. He thought as he walked over to his own apartment door.
But as they say curiosity killed the cat and
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II: First Impressions: part III
II: First Impressions: part III
The black van pulled up several blocks away from the target's location. The door slid open and two men quietly exited the vehicle.
Train Heartnet looked around. Surveying the area for his assignment's manor. Through the pitch black night he could see its towering steeples. What a building.
"Quite a marvelous building isn't it? The towers give it such an elegant look." Train tossed a callous glance at his so-called partner. The man smiled at him. Train turned away, not bothering to answer. He hadn't spoken a word to his partner since their first introduction on the roof earlier. There was no point in talking to him. Most likely the man next to him would be dead within the next few hours.
His partner closed the door behind him. "After you." he stated, waving his arm dramatically. Train still did not reply. He began walking towards the towering castle ahead.
Standing in front of the looming mansion. (Well technically in the shadow of the side.) Train
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Money Wise
One lazy afternoon the Black Cat trio was lounging about in one of their base's living rooms. Eve was reading a very thick book, Sven was using the computer to track down potential bounties and Train was half asleep on the couch.
When Rinslet poked her head in. "Hey guys, how are you doing?" She asked.
"Pretty good, but we haven't gotten any bounties in a while." Train responded.
"That's nice." Rinslet stated getting straight down to business. "You know Train, there's something I've been wanting to ask you for a while.".
"What is it?" Train responded curiously.
"How much did you make working for Chronos?" Rinslet questioned.
"Huh? What brought that up?" Train asked, sitting up.
"I've been working for Sephiria and I was wondering if I was getting cheated." Rinslet explained.
"Sephiria wouldn't do that. But if you really need to know…" Train answered, "I think I used to make about _ a year as an Eraser."
"Damn, that's good." commented Sven, "I didn't even make that much as a detec
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happy very late birthday BVBAndyBeirsackLover
“So this is where the witch of Aldgate lays her nest? Quite a place.” The gentleman in black stated looking around the slum.
“What do you expect Sebastian?” His master Ciel Phantomhive retorted. “It’s the east end, it hasn’t been known for being the most beautiful place.” He said in disgust, trying to watch his step in the muddy street filled with excrement and filth. “Hopefully this is the place and we weren’t sent on a wild goose chase.” he said looking at a piece of paper. They turned towards a crumbling building.
 Suddenly the door swung open. “Come in. Come in” a shrill voice call at them. Ciel glanced around then walked into the dimly lit building with Sebastian in tow. A black cat rubbed against their legs and seemed to lead them to the main room.
“Urgh” Ciel sniffed trying hard not to sneeze.
“Oh” Sebastian marveled at the cat.
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Duel... kinda by Daennika Duel... kinda :icondaennika:Daennika 570 72 Darth Revan updated by Daennika Darth Revan updated :icondaennika:Daennika 622 38 Jedies by DancinFox Jedies :icondancinfox:DancinFox 535 71 The Last Star Map by AshleyKayley The Last Star Map :iconashleykayley:AshleyKayley 213 39 Revan - Two Sides by JosephB222 Revan - Two Sides :iconjosephb222:JosephB222 725 176 Commission: Revan by OrbitalWings Commission: Revan :iconorbitalwings:OrbitalWings 447 55 The Savior...or Conqueror by Cindrollic The Savior...or Conqueror :iconcindrollic:Cindrollic 64 8 15. Silence by Jinzali 15. Silence :iconjinzali:Jinzali 137 34 KOTOR by Episodic89 KOTOR :iconepisodic89:Episodic89 370 101 Darth Marr - We will bow to you again! by BojanaJokic Darth Marr - We will bow to you again! :iconbojanajokic:BojanaJokic 180 36 f7 by Wespenfresser f7 :iconwespenfresser:Wespenfresser 163 9 Plale by Wespenfresser Plale :iconwespenfresser:Wespenfresser 243 7 Oldeg-dragisketch by Wespenfresser Oldeg-dragisketch :iconwespenfresser:Wespenfresser 104 5 Darth Revan by Jeff-Destroy Darth Revan :iconjeff-destroy:Jeff-Destroy 638 91 SWtoR - For the Empire by JoJollyArt SWtoR - For the Empire :iconjojollyart:JoJollyArt 296 15 Star Wars The Old Republic - Withdraw by Hideyoshi Star Wars The Old Republic - Withdraw :iconhideyoshi:Hideyoshi 341 5



:iconinsanityartist95: :iconjoelsweet: :iconsadness-of-sorrow: :iconthe-mint-dragon: :iconfamigirl: :iconamythedevil: :iconhimesama13: :iconcreeddiskenthfangirl: :iconjakeykitty29: :icondeidarafangirl666: :iconsayscam12-mustaine: :iconxiiidiskenthxiii: :iconcreedxtrain99: :iconnoisette-manga: :iconpkyupe: :iconomii-chan: :iconlonlynemo: :iconskunk-chan: :iconfuzzykitten628:



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