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babysittingBaldor: than what do I do with it?
Kranz: kill it
Gium: DON´T YOU DARE!!!! *takes the bundle in his arms and glares at them* I can´t believe you would even consider this!!!
Baldor: give it to chronos maybe?
Kranz: No, it has only half your genes and the mother wasn´t strong at all. Bad taste you have by the way.
Gium:*looks at the babe closer* I think it´s cute, besides being from goaty-chan.
Baldor: so dump it?
Kranz: Yes, that would be the best. We can find an orphanage and put it there.
Gium:*coos at it* who is a cute little goaty-Chan? You are!
Baldor: good the sooner we're rid of it the better 
Kranz: I agree. Gium, please hand it over.
Gium.*looks up* NO! I wanna keep it!
Baldor: what?
Kranz: It´s not your child and you have no resources to care for it nor do you seem capable of caring for babies.
Gium: I could get a job! And It is quite with me isn´t it? *the baby sleeps*
Baldor: how?
Gium: I got tutoring! I´m getting better! With T

babysitting part 2part 1

a few days later 
Baldor:  *looks at the list* man he has bad handwriting. 
bal:*has aveline in a carrier-cloth on her chest**looks around the stores for a few things*
Baldor: next is milk. 
Bal:? (Confused) *recognizes the voice*....Baldor?
Baldor: huh?
Bal:It is me. Ballerina. Well it is Sam by know. 
Aveline:*looks at him curious*
Baldor: oh
Bal:How are you doing!? You look a little helpless.
Baldor: I'm fine
Bal:You dont look like it *giggle*...I´m having a little shopping tour with aveline
Baldor: that's nice
Bal: Oh and you can say Kranz hello from me. And that we somehow managed to calm Aveline ourself after a while
Baldor: I shouldn't 
Baldor: he wouldn't want to hear it. 
Bal:Why? He seemed to be fine, he helped Cardinal move out and refused to see him.
Baldor: he's taking this badly
Bal:Tell me more over a coffee??
Aveline:*babbles along happ

babysitting part 5


Kyoko: ooohhh!!! How did you get to know??
Lin: it's a long story
Kyoko:We have time. *smiles* Is it romantic?
Mila: Did you kiss yet?
Lin: no. I don't think he'd like me like that.
Kyoko: But you are beautiful!!! he is an idiot or blind if he doesn´t
Lin: he's an idiot alright
Kyoko:If he saw you like that he would faint from adornment.
Lin: maybe. Maybe he'd go for you guys instead
Kyoko:I will burn him to ashes if he does
Lin: please don't
Kyoko:....but he´s mean to you
Lin: no he just doesn't see me
Kyoko:We can help you!!!
Lin: no. It's better he doesn't
Kyoko:Is he that dangerous?
Lin: not to me
Kyoko:mh....we will solve this problem!
Lin: huh?
Kyoko:We only need a name *grins*
Lin: no.
Kyoko:*pouts* You are no fun lee!!!
Lin: sorry
Kyoko:We might meet later *she stands up and takes the other girls with her*
Lin: .... *looks around*

babysitting part 6


Baldor:*comes in Sephis office* You called for me commander?
Sephiria: sit.
Baldor://She is angry....shit// *sits down* this about a mission?
Sephiria: *places the printed out picture on the table* what's this number VIII?
Baldor://DAMN!!! Wait, Avey is not on the pic//...the crappiest wedding picture ever?..I...he asked me to.
Sephiria: he asked you to lie? injure him, so he ca proove he is no longer chronos ally...he changed his mind anyway....chickend out. So I told him to get the hell out and leave the business to me.
Sephiria: why?
Baldor:....he was in the way and if he really would have died kranz would...and on top he´s a taoist. He can´t be trusted.
Sephiria: yet you trust him more than chronos?
Baldor:If I told you he would have been erased for turning chronos down...I couldn´t do that to kranz.

babysitting part 8

Kyoko: it's ok.
Lin:*takes her hand*
Kyoko: *smiles* so I'm your girlfriend? 
Lin: only if you want me as your boyfriend
Kyoko: YES!! *hugs him*
Lin:*hugs her back*...lets go i'll bring you home
Kyoko: OK!
Lin:*walks out hand in hand*
Kyoko: *leans on him*
Lin:*smiles for real*
Kyoko:....I really like you.
Lin:*the slightest blush*i too
Kyoko: I know!
Lin:you do!? How?
Kyoko: because you're so nice!
Lin:*laughs *you are very cute kyoko kirisaki
Kyoko: *blushes* thanks!
Lin:you ever kissed?
Kyoko: oh lots of times!
Kyoko: want one?
Kyoko: OK! *kisses him*
Lin:*kisses back, skilled*
Kyoko: mmmm
Lin:*breaks the kiss*
Kyoko: mhm
Lin:good night kyoko
Kyoko: night!
Lin:*texts jeno

Doc:*continues his examination* didn´t cut but the bullets are out...looks like the bullet moved on it´s own. Interessting. But you are right they used some plant salb to disinfect the wounds. Oh they also managed to clue some veins back together.

Max: huh?

Doc: They use different tactics. He should have bleed out from the bullets but the veins are healed. still, the wound DID get infected and the kit they used isn´t that perfect. I will redo this.

Max: oh

Doc: In what shape do you need him?

Max: breathing and not bleeding 

Doc: Okay I can do this. You can take a two or three packs of painkillers from the shelf. He´ll need them. *cuts more*

Max: sure. can wait outside. This will take a while

Max: I want to watch. 

Doc:Got quite the stomach huh? Alright. *turns back to operation*

Gium:*groans and slowly shifts in his seat, whincing as his chest hurts*...where...urgh..

Max: morning sunshine. 

Gium:*looks at her, everything is blurry* Am I dead? Everything is moving...

Max: not yet.

Gium:Where are we driving..urgh..*looks down on himself*....that is a lot of bandage...

Max: doc said you were infected. he cut open instead of giving me medics?

Max: he had to clean out the infection from the bullet. Oh here are some pills.

Gium:Infection...*takes some and glubs down 5 at once*

Max: yeah you would have died in a week.

Gium: Nice.

Max: yeah am I of any use now?

Max: I don't know.

Gium:Than drop me off by the next gas station please. We have very differnet aims.

Max: why?

Gium:I want my child back.

Max; no

Gium:I will be a bother all the way I swear.

Max: want to be shot again?

Gium:.....I hate you

Max: no you don't

Gium: Of course I do!! Why shouldn´t I!?

Max; I saved you

Gium:Maybe I´m a bad person and ungrateful?

Max: I doubt that.

Gium:*huffs*....*murmurs to himself*..i am badass

Max: I'll try to find the kid.

Gium:*turns to her* really!? You will help me?

Max: yeah. Sure.

Gium:.....and where is the bad side?

Max: I don't have a lot of power. There's not much I can do.

Gium:....why do you help at all?

Max:....I feel bad.


Max; not sure I can do much more than get her a trainer who won't beat her.

Gium:*starts sobbing*

max: ok time to get out

Gium:*wipes the tears away* where are we?

Max: your new home


Max: you can't stay with me. long must i stay here?

Max: you can leave but I won't help you. 

Gium:so i stay here and let you do the work?

Max: Baldor will be out soon.

Gium:will he help you?

Max: he might help you.

Gium: he hates me and will hate me more when he finds out i lost his daughter to eraser

Max: doesn't mean he won't help.

Gium:he will kill me after

Max: maybe.

Gium:i wanna do something

Max: wait


Max: yes.

Gium:this place is strange

Max: too bad i alone here?

Max: yeah


Max: apartment 206 *throws him the key* 

Gium:*catches them and walks up*

Max: good luck.

Gium: oh 206

*the.door is open*

Gium: huh?

*There are sounds from*

Gium: hello?!


Gium: baldor?!!!!!!

Baldor:*looks unimpressed* yes. Why are you here? You got business with chronos?

Gium: no uh

Baldor:Than leave. You are annoying me.

Gium: but um

Baldor:*stands up* WHAT!? *glares*

Guim: I need your help.

Baldor:*grabs his neck* messed up? What about the little one?

Gium: they took her.

Baldor:*lifts him off his feet by the neck* YOU LET THEM TAKE HER!?!? *he looks pale and has some faiding scratches, the camp did quite a thing on him*

Gium:*starts crying* I'm sorry.

baldor:*lets him drop* That doesn´t help!! You worthless wimp!!!

Gium: I know.

Baldor:How long?

Gium: a few days ago

baldor: She might already be in the labs....damnit!!!

Gium: the lab?!

BALDOR: they will operate on her make better!!

Gium; WHAT?! She's a baby!!

Baldor: BEST age for changes

Gium: what?!


Gium: you're afraid!?´s kind of a trauma...i don´t want that to happen to her...


Baldor:we? It's your fault!! I shouldn't have trusted you fromthe beginning!!!

Gium: but I can't do anything!

Baldor:thats why i won't let you help and won't trust her with you again

Gium: than what will you do?!

Baldor: Bail her out on my own!! And than give her to...I don´t know...even an orphanage would be a better option

Gium: won't they find her again?


Gium: wait please tell me she be helped.

baldor:i can´t....i don´t know how....

Gium: what?

Balder:it´s never been done before...

Gium: so?

baldor:I don´t know how exactly it could work. and afterwards I need to figure out how to hide her


baldor:...*looks at him* look like shit

Gium: I got shot. 

baldor:...and you are still here?

Gium: yes.


Gium: to see if I could help her.

baldor:....i might need someone to distract the guards and erasers.

Gium: I can do that.

BALDOR:I won´t return to fetch you up or bail you out as soon as i got avey

Gium: ok. 


Gium:...what about Kranz?

Baldor:....chronos might try to help him

Gium: might?

Baldor:*shrugs* whatever suits them better. Saving him or getting a new one

Gium: and you'll just wait and let them!?

Baldor:*glares* It´s not like I can spilt myself up. It´s Avey or Kranz.


Baldor:...don´t look like that. I am not the one who messed up

Gium: ......

Baldor:We will go safe did you come here anyway??
Gium: uh this girl saved me.

Baldor:What girl?

Gium: a lady with red hair and knifes and Tao. 

Baldor:*his eye switches slightly*....her...
Gium: huh?

Baldor:my Sister

Gium: oh... WHAT?! you have family?! 

Baldor: only her. and we hate each other

Gium: why?

Baldor:Isn´t that obvious? She is aweful!!

Gium: she's not that bad. she rude and kinda men but less mean and rude then you. 

Baldor:...I am not rude...mean yes but not rude....she is a devil...and a Taoist...

Gium: I'm a Taoist.

baldor:And you are a piece of shit. like all Taoists.

Gium: thanks

Baldor:You´re welcome. Now get out, I need to rest a little before we start this mission on Avelyn.

Gium: got it.

Baldor:Good. Now go.

Gium; *walk to the door*

Max: hey baby brother!

Baldor:*growls* OUT YOU PEST!!! And take the whore with you!!!

Gium:....I"m not sure if he wants me to take you out or you to take me out...

Max; aww I thought you'd miss me.

Baldor: Don´t make me laugh. What are you doing here?

Max: saying hi

baldor:Well you said hi, now say goodbye and go away!!

Max: oh and I'm here to help you

Baldor:I don´t need YOUR help!

Max: yeah you do.

Baldor:....what do you know?

Max: where kranz and your baby are.

Baldor:....why do you know about aveline?

Gium:*raises his hand*

Max; I took from Gium!

Baldor:*glares gium down than turns to max*....what is your plan than?

Max: tell me yours.

Baldor:....gium will distract them. I´ll fetch her from the medical station. kill the docs and run

Max; no I'll have to stop you.


Max: I can't let you do that and you know it.

Baldor:I wo´t let them do the same to her what they did to me

Max:... Too bad


Max: but I can find her a good trainer


Max; not yet

Baldor:What does that matter?

Max; you have a few years.

Baldor:....I won´t have her living there longer than necessary...she doesn´t need to end a mess like me


Baldor:So lets make a different plan. a faster one

Max: like what?

Baldor:I DON`T KNOW!!

Max: you could make her useless

Baldor:*pales* What?

Gium:...what do you mean by useless?

Max: break her

baldor:ARE YOU MAD!?!


Max; just let someone drop her.


Baldor:This is out of question.

Max: ok talked about getting her a nice teacher...what are her perspectives than?

Baldor:Stay out of this slut this is nothing of your concern

Max: I could try. 

Gium:...will you treat her.kindly?

Baldor:i'm not okay with this!!!

Max: if we show the baby to Commander Arks maybe she's do something. she's soft like that. 

Gium:Yes please!


Max: than what will you do baby brother?

Baldor:...i...can i trust you with her?

Max: maybe


Gium:I trust you. And if you betry me I will make sure you regret it. Somehow.

Max; I said I can try

Gium:All I am saying is better try good! And very hard.

Max: ok. So kranz.


Baldor:Chronos will deal with that

Max: yeah I will.


Max: former apostle. Charden doesn't know I was a spy. he alright??

Gium:i wanna help!!

Max: we got cut off. 

Baldor:....i...just save him.. please

Max: I'll try. care to give him a message? 

Baldor:don't die

Gium:come back to me

Max: want me to give him anything?

Baldor:how about his spare mask?

Gium:*searches his pockets and fishes out a little bell*...uhm

Max: it need to be small

Gium:The bell is small!

Baldor:What should he do with a bell?!

Max: I can give it to him.

Baldor:Again. WHAT shal he do with a freaking BELL!? has a nice ring...very clear. I often carry it around as an accesior.

Max; ok.

Baldor:*groans*´s nice

Max; anything else?

Baldor:...tell him he is missing...

Mac: ok

Gium:I wanna help...please!

Max: how?

Gium:I don´t know..maybe I can be a distraction when needed or they know I spyed...

Max: no


Baldor:YOu are no use

Max: for now.


Baldor:...can you now please leave me alone? I need to get back to my full health

Max; sure

Gium:What about me? Where do I stay?

Baldor:Away from me?

Max: you should stay with Baldor. take care of him.

Gium:*looks at her alarmed**he whispers* I don´t wanna being murdered in my sleep

Max: someone needs to. 

Gium:I am weak myself

Max: so lay low with him for a bit.

Gium:.....okay but work quickly.

Baldor: NO WAY!

Gium: Don´t be a baby.

Baldor: both of you leave now!

Gium:No I am your nurse now

Baldor: no no no!!!

Gium:Go to bed, I´ll cook lunch. I hope you have no bandages or anything I don´t wanna have to strip you

Baldor: no get out.

Gium:no your sister told me not to and right now she is stronger

Baldor: I will kill you

Gium:No you won´t you are to worn out


Gium:So, go to bed and rest, I´ll prepare dinner.

Baldor: fine

Gium:*disappears into the kitchen, glubing down two more painkillers*

Baldor: *goes to his room* 

Gium:*knocks an hour later with a foodtray in hand*

Baldor: huh?

Gium:  Dinner! ~


Gium:*just gets in and places the tray in the nightstand, sitting himself on the side of the bed*

Baldor: go away

Gium:No I am here to help you. I at least need to see that you have no wounds or anything?


Gium: Please tell me if you have any wounds.

Baldor: I'm fine

Gium:....*pokes his right leg*

Baldor: *winces* 

Gium:I knew it! Pants off!

Baldor: no.

Gium: Don´t be a baby! I won´t use any kind of needle on you I just wanna treat the wound.

Baldor: I don't want you to touch me!

Gium:I will be gentle

Baldor: I said no.

Gium:You wanna get an infection and all? It´s not nice! If you get one I´ll intodruce you to the guy who stiched me up! *pulls up his sweater to show baldor his bandaged torso only to notice it´s bleeding trough again* Damnit.

Baldor: you're not in one piece either. 

Gium:never said i was. My wounds got infected. Just let me treat your leg....

Baldor: it's not that kind of wound.

Gium:is it broken?

Baldor: no. *rolls up his pants* *his leg in badly bruised* 

Gium:*whinces from the look* ow...still there are salbs for this

Baldor: it's fine 

Gium:i wanna help. Just let me get you a salb or something...i will go to the next medical center and get some

Baldor: no

Gium:Can´t hold me back *stands up* Eat before it gets cold

Baldor: fine 

Gium:*leaves the room and makes his way out*

Baldor: *picks at his food* 

Gium:*returns and straight goes to baldors room* I got the salb!

Baldor; *didnt eat* go away 

Gium:Hey! Why didn´t you eat anything!!

Baldor; go away 

Gium:Nope! I told you I would take care of you and that I will do! *unpacks the salb*

Baldor: just leave 

Gium:*straddles him and tries to get to his bad leg*

Baldor: *just pulled him off* *not that hard*

Gium:*yelps and clings to his arm*

Baldor: off 

Gium:as soon as you ate and put on the salb!!!


Gium:...*takes the fork and tries feeding baldor*

Baldor: try, I'll kill you 

Gium:You need to eat idiot!! I am not doing this for you I don´t want kranz to come back and find the most important person in his life in such a miserable state

Baldor: he won't see that. 

Gium:He´ll know...he allways does...sometimes he doens´t tell but he has this slightly deeper frown than

Baldor: no. I'm not going to see him again. 

Gium:*glares* You ARE! I won´t accept anything else

Baldor: orders are orders

Gium:and feelings are feelings!! This is YOUR life. If you want a life for your daughter why do you denie YOURSELF a life?

Baldor: because I can't have another one

Gium:I never say you as such a whining pansy


Gium:At least eat

Baldor: I don't want to. 

Gium:you need to

Baldor: why?

Gium:to recover


Gium:*gently rubs his sore leg* if you get healthy again for kranz or chronos doesn't matter...but please do

Baldor:....why bother?

Gium:...*looks down* Just eat. Please.

Gium:...please baldor...I will leave you alone after that

Baldor: no

Gium:why not?

Baldor: I don't want to.

Gium:You are being stubborn for no reason. Shall I cook you something new?

Baldor: no thanks. are aware i won't move until you eat

Baldor: fuck off 

Gium:Eat up first


Gium:...don´t make me sing to you

Baldor: just leave 

Gium:NO! *sings*

Baldor: *plugs his ears* 

Gium:*grabs his wrists and tries to pull them away*

Baldor: *does move*

Gium:*looks surprised and sings on*

Baldor: *punches him* 

Gium:*falls off him and curses*


Gium:*leaves the room taking the tray and salb with him*


Gium:*cuddled himself in on the coach*

Max: hello! *walks in*

Gium:*turns his back to her, rolling himself more into his blanket* not now. sleepy. baldor might starved to death or died of being too much of a dick

Max: oh he's still trying to kill himself?

Gium:*up within a second* He´s WHAT!?

Max: yeah why do you think he got out early? 

Gium:....Excuse me for a moment. *stands up and gets into baldors room backhanding him* HOW DARE YOU!?!?

Baldor: *grabs his hand* how dare I what?


Baldor: I won't see them again.

Gium:You will max and I will bail kranz out and avey will visit you


Gium:You need to trust need to trust kranz to stand through need to belive in avey...

Baldor:...*rolls over*

Gium:...I would miss you too you know..*leaves to talk to max


Gium:...max we need to help

Max: or he'll die?

Gium: Both of them will die if we don´t hurry

Max: I'll leave tomorrow. don't let him die. 

Gium:I´ll do my best...please save Kranz...I trust you to

Max: I will. 

Gium:...thank you. Much.

Max: yeah I better go. 

Gium:*nods and returns to baldors room, sitting down by his bed not looking at him*

Baldor: go away.

Gium:No. I need to protect you

Baldor: I don't need protection. 

Gium:You do. From yourself....when did you eat the last time?


Gium:....I don´t wanna force you but please....


Gium:not ate

Baldor: I don't need to.

Gium:...*sings again*

Baldor: *rolls over again* 

Gium:*gets up slowly trying to turn baldor over*

Baldor: don't touch me 

Gium:*ignores it and turns him over, still singing the song*


Gium:*sits down gentles waving his hair, trying to calm him down enough to feed him*

Baldor: don't touch me!!

Gium:Calm down baldor...*humms*

Baldor: OFF!!

Gium:*tries a different charm*

Baldor: go away 

Gium:*tries on and on*

Baldor: *plugs his ear*

Gium;*pulls at his wirsts again*

Baldor: *wont move*

Gium:*starts shaking slightly*


Gium:*suddenlygoes limp, he used up too much tao trying to calm baldor down*


Gium:*cuddles in his sleep*

Max: shit I did leave my gun here. *walk in the apartment*

gium:*asleep, snuggling at blador side*

Max:...*takes out her phone*


Max*Takes pictures*

Baldor:*gets up but wobbly from feeling weak* STOP THAT!!!

Max: no way

Baldor:I will crash your phone if you don´t!!!!

Max: how can you?

Baldor:....let me get better and i will....

Max: than get better did that on purpose....*tires to push gium off*

Max: maybe?

Baldor:at least get that pest off me

Max: Nope!

Baldor:He´s drolling!!!

Max: so?

Baldor:It´s disgusting

max: and?

Baldor:*roars and finally manages to shove gium off who continues sleeping*

Max: you are so weak are trying to make me not kill myself.
Max; you won't do it. 

Baldor:i will

Max; are you that pathetic?

Baldor:no but is

Max: so?

Baldor: i'm sick of it!!!

Max: than change it 

Baldor:It can´t be changed

Max; yeah it can.

Baldor:SHut up!!! It can´t!!!

Max: marry Kranz, get a pet, a hobby, something 

Baldor:marry an as good as dead man? Under chronos?...i hate pets

Max: do something dumbass!

Baldor:I TRIED

Max: how?! got me to the camp

Max: so try again. 

Baldor:..i...i cant decide....

Max: so?

Baldor: its kranz or chronos...

Max: Kranz.

Baldor: I am of no worth if I´m not a fighter for chronos.

Max: *groans* 


Max: you don't get it. 


Max: I thought chronos was my life too until I was 12.

Baldor:it is your life

Max: why?

Baldor:Without Chronos neither you  nor me would live. Apart from Chronos we are nobodys who can´t do more than kill....

Max: *laughs* just what a number would say.

baldor:I am a number!!

Max: I was trained to be a number too.

Baldor:And yet you don´t understand

Max: they threw me away. and I had to find a new meaning in life.

Baldor:Yet you are still with chronos.

Max: I can't leave.


Max: I live my life. 


max: there's a lot of other things in this world. 

Baldor:all unimportant

Max: you're wrong!

Baldor:tell me whats important than

max: living!




Gium:*sleepy, laying on the floor* is a good reason.

Baldor:Shut up!

Max: I'm going. *stands up*

Baldor:No stay. I´ll make him shut up...


Max: I have to go

Baldor:where to?

Gium:kranzy <3

Max: don't die ok



Max: bye. I'll bring your boyfriend back. 

Baldor & Gium: Thanks...*look at each other glaring*

Max: *leaves* 

Baldor:You are dsigusting

Gium: what!

Baldor.Sex? That´s all you can think of!!!

Gium: I was trying to lighten the mood

Baldor:well you failed!

Gium: sorry

Baldor:She doens´t like that matter.

Gium: huh?

Blador:Whenever someone brings up sex she is out

Gium: why? 

Baldor:She doens´t have any

Gium: oh?

Baldor:She is uptied. And I think into girls. Not sure.

Gium: oh!

Baldor: dumbass

Gium: I didn't know!

Baldor: You could have stopped when she got uncomfortable

Gium: I didn't...

Baldor: You never do. You never stop and you never know when its too much!!

Gium: sorry.

Baldor: Too late. still need to eat

Baldor: Fuck off!

Gium: no

Baldor: I will not hesitate to break your hand

Gium: Baldorias!

Baldor: DON´T CALL ME THAT!!!! *grabs his collar*

Gium: *flinches* 

Baldor:....Everything was fine before you showed up

Gium: what?!

Baldor : Before you showed up I had kranz, we did our missions i was on chronos good side had no brat and was okay. You ruined me

Gium: kranz loved you for a long time. After he lost his eyes you were always there for him.

Baldor: Of course I was he- what do you mean lovED? He still did.

Gium: he does! He does! But you never let him see you did.

Baldor:He should have know....he just should stole him

Gium. You acted like you didn't want him!

Baldor: That´s not true!!! I AM JUST NOT A WHORE!!!

Gium: you could still let him know.

Baldor:....I did he was just to fixed on you to notice

Gium: he wasn't going to wait around forever

Baldor:He wasn´t "waiting" he wanted too much

Gium: he just wanted you.


Gium: you know don't you.

Baldor:Shut up!!

Gium: eat!


Gium; yes!!

Baldor:I may be weakend but I can still break your neck


Baldor:Why do you want that? Will be easier for you too. You can finally take Kranz completly away from me

Gium: kranz loves you not me!

Baldor:So you admit it? if he doesn´t love you keep away from him!

Gium: I I will if you eat!

Baldor:...and you will stay away from my girl

Gium:.....when you're better

Baldor:No. Right now you promise

Gium: I promise I will once you get better

Baldor:....fine but I will get my own food I won´t eat any you made

Gium: ok

Baldor:*stands up and stumbles to the kitchen*

Gium: need help?

Baldor: Stay out of my way

Gium; ok

Baldor:*cooks himself dinner in silence*

Baldor:.....*looks if gium stayed away*.....*cuts his finger while preparing some vegetables as if trying out the pain*....

Gium:... Are you sure you're ok?!

Baldor:!!! *hides his hand* GET OUT!

Gium; not until you eat

Baldor:....//shit it´s bleeding...// I will now get out

Gium: no!!

Baldor:....*stands there trying to cut the food with one hand*

Gium: Baldor?

Baldor: Please get out

Gium: why?

Baldor: because i say so

Gium: why?

Baldor:*about to bark at him again when the first blood drops on the floor*

Gium: hey! You're hurt!!

Baldor:no!!! Go away!!!

Gium: NO WAY!

Baldor:*tries to shove him out*

Gium: are you hurt? Where?


Gium; no!

Baldor:*punches him with his cut hand

Gium; OW!!

Baldor:.....*holds his hand*

Gium; let me see it

Baldor:You gonna make it worse

Gium: no let me see it

Baldor:You don´t know how to treat wounds

Gium: I do!!

Baldor:*pokes giums chest* Like that one?

Gium: *falls* I was shot!

Baldor.And you fucked up in treating your shootwound

Gium: I can't treat my own wound!

baldor:I can

Gium: I'll help

Baldor:No I hate you

Gium; please


Gium: let me help you.

Baldor:Mess up and I will kill you

Gium: I won't

Baldor:*holds out his hand*

Gium: what did you do?

Baldor:The knife slipped

Gium: ... I'll get something to clean it!


Gium: *goes to the bathroom*

Baldor:....*takes the knife and makes more cuts

Gium: *comes back* hey baldor....! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!




Gium: NOW!


Gium: I'm calling a hospital 

Baldor:NO DON´T!!!

Gium: *gets out  his phone*

Baldor:*bats it out his hand* I SAID NO

Gium: you need help!

Baldor:get the bandages and do it yourself i wont go to a hospital

Gium: no you need help!

Baldor:I said fix it!

Gium: you need help

Baldor:Shut. up. Or I will make sure you be still

Gium: no!

Baldor:*holds his hand out to him* Treat it.

Gium; you need help!

Baldor:youll help me and thats it

Gium: you'll do this again!

Baldor:not if you give me no reason to

Gium: this isn't my fault

Baldor:Everything is your fault!!!!

Gium: how?!

Baldor:I already explained now fix my hand!!!

Gium: ok I'll try

Baldor:*sits down and holds it to him*

Gium: this is a lot of blood

Baldor:So clean it up and still the bleeding

Gium: ok. *tries to clean the wound* 

Baldor: Be more careful....*flinches here and there*

Gium: you need stitches

Baldor:*pulls his hand back*

Gium: you need to go to a hospital!

Baldor:No!! I hate it!!!!!

Gium: too bad! you need to!

baldor:I won´t. Just wrap the bandage really close

Gium: you'll bleed to death!

Baldor:I won´t if you wrap tight enough

Gium: that won't work!

Baldor:I do so all the time

Gium: not with this many cuts!

Baldor:ask the others I do

Gium:.... I'll be right back

Baldor:....*huffs and tries to wrap his hand himself*

Gium: *runs off to call a hospital* 

Baldor:*wraps it* Done

ambulance sirens can be heard


Gium: I'm sorry

Baldor*grabs his throat* Want me to rip open your wound again?!!?

Baldor's phone rings

Baldor:.....*answers it*....yeah?

Sephiria: Number VIII

Baldor:....number I? What do you want?

Sephiria: I just got a call from your sister. return to HQ now. 

Baldor:*smiles* Of course commander! *lets go of Gium*

Sephiria: and go straight to the med quarters 

Baldor:.......I don´t think this is nessasary

Sephiria: are you refusing an order?

Baldor:NO! But I don´t want Chronos to waste resurces

Sephiria: come in now!

Baldor:Yes commander...*glares at gium*

Gium sorry

Baldor:You are not. Not yet. You come with me
Gium: what!?

Baldor:*grabs him by the neck and pulls him along*

Gium: why?!

Baldor: Because if I have to go through this you will suffer alongside me

Gium: ok

Baldor:Can you drive?

Gium; yes you can't

Baldor:*sits down in his car*....just promise you get us there alive...I don´t trust your driving skills

Gium: ok

Baldor:*buckles himself up and holds onto the door* Okay....
Gium: keys?

Baldor:Left poket on my you even have a licence?

Gium: yes!

Baldor:than your driving teacher must have been drunk...*hands them to him*

Gium: want a ride or not *start car* 

Baldor:*takes a deep breath*....yes....

Gium: than quiet. now where am I going?

Baldor:Downtown, to the indutrial  park, right, left, than the 3rd side street than to the left and up to the huge grey building

Gium: got it *drives*

Baldor:*doesn´t trust this*

Gium: uum. 


Gium: sorry where do I go from here?


Gium: sorry!

Baldor:Just drive....and watch the people on the street

Gium: ok ok!


Gium: is this the place?

Baldor:*nods*....*Stays in the car*

Gium: *parks* are you getting out?


Gium: huh?

Baldor:I can´t

Gium: why not?

Baldor:....*torn between shame and fright*.....uhm....*slowly gets out*

Gium: need help?

Baldor:NO!.....*glubs and slowly walks up the building*

Gium: I'll help

Baldor: Don´t. I have pride.

Gium: but you need help

Baldor:All I need it NOT to get any NEEDLES near me

Gium: needles?

Baldor:I hate them


Baldor:....*goes and knocks*

Person: number VIII?

Baldor:Number I orderd me here.

Person: this way

Baldor:*follows*....I got this spy with me

Person; what?!

Baldor:It´s our spy calm down.

Person: go to room 646

Baldor:Yes....*takes gium with him*

Gium: uh where are we going?

Baldor:Medic rooms

Gium: ok

Baldor:You´ll get your share too

Gium; I know

Baldor:......*knocks at the medics door*

Medic: come in

Baldor:*comes in*....I got a bleeding hand. He a slashes torso

Medic: show me.

Baldor:....*holds out his hand*

Medic: what did this?!

Baldor: Doesn´t concern you. Just fix it

Gium:*looks troubled*

Medic: you need stitches!  this way!

Baldor:*doesnt move*

Other doctor; *knock* number I is here.

Baldor:*gets pale*....why?

Doctor: to see you

Baldor:no need to

Doctor: too late.

Baldor:*looks at the ground as sephi comes in*

Gium:*waves and trys a smile*

Sephi: Baldor, are you doing alright? 



Sephi: ah you were the spy. How are you doing? Your village was scheduled to be erased. Good to see you lived.

Baldor will you be ok with this?


Baldor:*shuts him up*.....of course.

Sephi: I did not give the order. The village was erased to scare the Taoist. Only those who tried to protect the village were erased. Those who run were not pursued.

Gium:*goes pale* My family....they all would....this is where we li-...YOU MONSTER!! *tries to get on sephi but is hold back by baldor*

Baldor: A very wise decision commander

Sephi: it wasn't my order. It came from one of the elders' advisors


Sephi: I apologize. I believe 3/4 of the Taoists lived.   

Gium:don't gimme that!! You would have had that fake smile even if all were dead!! You chronos people are all zhe same!! Violent!! Cold!! Murderer. Fanatics and kidnapper!!!! You dont give a damn about people!!!

Sephi:....that is true. But I thank you for taking care of Baldor and Kranz. you know who died? And what will become of my child

Sephi: your child?

Gium:aveline!! Baldors biological daughter. Her gave her to me

Baldor: no not anymore

Sephi: oh I see. But she's not really his daughter.


Sephiria: the elders have a project in breeding numbers. The child has Baldor's DNA but she is not his.


Sephi: using the DNA of numbers to create child.

Gium:.....baldor never knocked someone up?

Baldor: of course not!

Gium:but whos the other parent???

Sephi: she was a carrier who was payed

Gium:....she still is mine

Sephi: no she is chronos.


Sephiria: I'm sorry but Chronos made her.

Gium:I sang her to sleep, fed her, mad e her lugh and named her.

Sephiria: I'm sorry.

Gium: Drop the act you are not

Sephi: I suppose you're correct. Baldor. are you alright now? 


Gium:tell her she won't care! He cut the wounds himself!

Sephi: WHAT!?


Sephi: I'm afraid we can no longer let you be unsupervised 

Baldor:I don´t need a babysitter I am a number

sephi: It seems you do.

Baldor:I needed some waking up after the camp. Pain wakes up.

Sephi: you're damaging yourself!´s not like any of the number is still intact

Sephi: you can't do this to yourself!

baldor:I did. And I´m fine.

Sephi: no you are not!

baldor:.....tell me ONE amoung us who really is

Sephi: I will not let you kill yourself!

Baldor:Not the answer to my question commander

Sephi: this is unnecessary damage!

Baldor:its nothing

Sephi: you could have ruined your hand!

Baldor:i know what.i do

Sephi: do you want to die?!

Baldor:what if?

Sephi: we can't let you do that.

Baldor:you can't change me

Sephi: don't start this fight Baldor

Baldor:.....!!! Where is gium?

Sephi: probably gone off to try and save his village. 

Baldor: or to search the kid

Sephi: she's not in the country 


Sephi: I do know the details exactly but I believe she living with a nanny off site for now and she will until she's 5.  

Baldor:5 is too young

Sephi: we started training at 4. 

Baldor:And we are all fucked up

Sephi: she will start later than us and be socialized. 

Baldor: socialized?

Sephi: yes she will need to meet and interact with non chronos personnel and other children so she can be raise as a human and a number. I mean no offence but we don't want to her to end up like you or Kranz.   

Baldor:Neither do I want her to end up like my sister. And empty puppet able to fake being human

Sephi: they don't want that to happen either. they want some one like Nizer. He has a life, hobby and a girl friend but complete loyalty to chronos. 

baldor:.....naizer is a whimp....

Sephi: he's not like you...or me

Baldor:No he isn´t....the girl won´t be a good number. She looks to.....normal

Sephi: we all were at one point 

Baldor:Not you

Sephi; yes me too. I want born.


Sephi; should I tell you my story?

Baldor:Go ahead...I got time

Sephi: start stitching close the wound now.  I was born into Chronos but not on purpose. My parents were chronos numbers. My father was number II and my mother was the first female number. she was number V. I never met them but I learn from number I who was my father's dear friend. The story of my birth is simple. After mission Number II and V went drinking to together and....made a mistake. 

Baldor:.....*lets the doc do his work while he listens*.....I am sorry for provoking you like that commander...

Sephi: it's alright

Baldor:Whats the next plan?

Sephi: your sister has contacted Charden

Baldor:....will she get news about kranz?

Sephi: soon


Gium:*comes back in, looking more angry than before*

Sephi: hello again


Sephi: that is true

Gium:Where is she!? Where did you take her!?

Baldor: Don´t get hysteric

Sephi: she's not in this country


Baldor: Don´t ask so many questions

Sephi: so you wouldn't find her

Gium:...*starts crying*


Baldor:Stop that. It´s useless anyway.

Gium; Noo!!!

Baldor:*shoves him down on one of the operation tables there* Listen. You are in a chronos main quater and for my taste yo act WAY too comfortable here!

Sephi; number VIII!!

Baldor:*doens´t let go* What?

Sephi: let him go


Sephi: because I said so!

Baldor:*lets go* What to do with him than? He could talk

Sephi: he won't

Baldor:What makes you so sure of it?

Sephi: he didn't before

Baldor:We didn´t have the kid than


Sephi: Gium?

Gium:....I want to go home....

Sephi: your village is gone.


Sephi: than go

Gium:I will *stands up*


Sephi: goodbye


Baldor:....what if Red needed him for her plan?

Sephi: she'll fine him

Baldor:If he gets back alive

Sephi: he's being watched. he won't die.

Baldor:Too bad

Sephi: .....

Baldor:What about me? I need a mission

Sephi: no.

Baldor:WHy not? I let the do the stiching

Sephi: you're not emotional ready. 


Sephi: you need help

Baldor:Not more than anyone here

Sephi: I'm sorry but we can't let you work like this 

Baldor:It´s not fair!!!!

Sephi: quit acting like a child!

Baldor:Give me a mission and I will

Sephi: no


Sephi: you will be watched but for now you are dismissed 

Kranz: urgh *wakes up*

Doc:Good morning sunshine

Kranz: wha?

Doc:How are you feeling?

Kranz: like hell 

Doc: Don´t talk like that. Stand up.

Kranz: *stand up* huh?!

Doc:*grins* Now jump.

Kranz: *jumps* what the -...what did you do to me?!

DOc:*laughs* I injected the nanos remember? Your body is already reacting. It follows every command I give. YOur mind is still resisting but thats only a matter of time. how about your vision?

Kranz: I'll kill you

Doc:Not the answer to my question. Slap yourself.

Kranz: *slaps himself* Bastard! 

Doc:*lauhs* this is funny! Now tell me. What can you see?

Kranz: figures. no color

Doc: Perfect. Than your eyes are complete

Kranz: what?!

Doc:They are complete! What should you need color vision for? This is fair enough

Kranz: I will not serve you!

Doc:Go over to the other room and bring me my coffee

KRanz:....*walk out of the room*

Doc:*watches him*

Kranz: *tries to stop himself*

Doc: Bring the coffee.....code 4

Kranz: *whines* argh

Doc:Nice trick huh? Now BRING MY COFFEE!

Kranz: *gets the coffee*

Doc:*takes it grinning* Thank you for your service

Kranz: *glares at him*

Doc: Don´t glare at me like that. You are on your way to become the inhuman weapon you allways should have been

Kranz: *stops* I am not some weapon. 

Doc:You are. What else should a number be?


Doc:Good. Now come with me. I want to test you

Kranz: *follows him*

Doc:*leads him to a training ground*


Deek:*waits there*

Doc:here we are

Kranz: what?!

Doc:i want you to fight deek

Kranz: can I kill him?

Doc:if you manage to *grabs his arm an injects another dose*

Kranz: argh! what are you doing?!

Doc:This is too make your mind controlled aswell for a while. In fights you will only have your instincts and fight experience to rely on since your mind will be nanocontrolled. I wanna find out of it´s enough

Kranz: n-no. 

Doc: *mocks him* Y-yes! Now fight. Deek? DOn´t hold back.

Kranz: I'..I'll kil you both

Doc:No you won´t. Your order is to fight deek and kill him if possible.

Deek:.....*gets ready*


Deek:.....hey....why isn´t he doing anything?

Kranz: *waiting* 


DOc:Attack him goddamnit.

Deek:...*throws an icedart*

kranz: *dodges*

Deek:*tries to freeze his feet*

Kranz: *dodges* *runs at Deek*

Deek:*builds an ice wall*

Kranz: *stops*..... *closes his eyes*

Deek:my chance! *gets out from behind the wall and attack with many icespears*

Kranz: *grabs him and slams him to the ground* 

Deek:Huh!? UHFF!!! HEY! *grabs his arm and tries to freeze it*

Kranz: *punches him*

Deek:urgh....*makes another pickle and ramms it at kranzes chest*

Kranz: *grabs it*

Deek:*freezes his hand over* HA!!!

Kranz: *headbutts him*

Deek:*his vision goes black*


Kranz: *start to strangle him* 


Deek:NO NO!!!

Kranz: *tries to kill him*


Kranz: *stops*


Deek:GET HIM Off*cough*

Kranz: ....

Doc:Why? I wanted to see if he follows every command and is still usefull. This was a succsess! I need to develop a permanent dote next time. Kranz? Knock him out.

Kranz: *punch Deek*

Deek:*out cold*

Doc: Good. I will use him for another exeriment of mine later. Now go back to the room Kranz and chain yourself up

Kranz: *goes back the cell*

Doc:*grins to himself*

Charden: are you done playing around?

Doc:i am not playing i do science. And science did what you couldn't

Charden: I didn't want to do that to him.

Doc:We´ll it´s way better this way. Like having a killer-robot

Charden: he was a person

Doc:You sure of that? He was a guard dog from the beginning and animals don´t have a mind like humans do.

Charden: everyone is human

Doc:Far from everyone. Most are to dump to be

Charden: you sound like Creed

Doc:Maybe. But different from Creed I am mentally healthy

Charden: I wouldn't say that

Doc:I am the one with the doctor degree not you

Charden: that doesn't mean you are sane

Doc:To me it does

Charden: than what do you suggest we do next? if we were to follow your plans for the number.

Doc:First: Make this state permamnet. Second: Get more numbers of possible, let him attack hid former commarades. Get into the Chronos headquater, find out how they "make" numbers, third: Make our own "robot-minded" numbers, maybe even better in body too and conquer the world.

Charden: conquer the world!? no we are just destroying chronos!

Doc:Yes. You won´t have to stay with me afterwards I can do the rest on my own

Charden: I won't let you.

Doc:Not your choice. I have a robot number

Charden: unless he dies.

Doc:He won´t. He can use the moment of confusion. And he will use their weaknesses without mercy

Charden: don't underestimate chronos. 

Doc:I don´t underestimate them, that´s why I use them

Charden: ...

Doc:*pats his shoulder* There there. In another reality you might archieve your cuddle world of peace. But not here

Charden: don't touch me.

Doc:*laughs* You will soon see charden, it´s better to work on my side

Charden: ....//I see why shiki hated him//

Charden: *walks away*

max: charden!

Charden:....youve been an apostle...

Max:you remember me right? it's me Rachel.´ve only been there shortly.

Max: how are you? what do you do now?

Charden:....fine. Not much

Max: me too. I can't believe we just let chronos go like that. all because of Creed. 

Charden:....yeah....why are you here....

Max:...just around.

Charden:You still interessted in all this?

Max: I still want my revenge and I'm still a Taoist.

Charden_----go ask doc than

Max: about?

Charden:He is about to revolute against the world again

Max: what!?

Charden:You heart right. It begins anew. But this time he doesn´t count on tao at all

Max: where can I find him?

Charden:.....I don´t want anymore people to join him
Max: than why tell me?

Charden:I hoped it would scare you off

Max: I want to help.

CHarden:YOu can´t

Max:  why not?

Charden:You are supposed to forget and live a normal life.

Max: I can't!

Charden:Try harder.

Max: I never had one.

CHarden:.....what do you want to do when I bring you there?

Max: help destroy chronos for my parents. 

CHarden:Your parents?

Max: I'd rather not talk about this.

Charden:I understand....Follow me. *walks her to the headquater*

Max: thank you

Charden: Don´t thank me

Max: why not?

Charden:I am not okay with more people helping in this...mess...

Max: so why are you?


max: you need him?

Charden:To bring down chronos? Yes

Max: if yo don't want him to have help why are you helping? 

Charden: Because I agree that chronos needs to be stopped

Max: me too.

Charden:Good...but he need to stop after that

Max: so we kill him? rather we dont kill

Max: what?!

Charden:I am not for killing or hurtig people. this is behind me

Max: how will you stop him?

Charden:....i don´t know

Max: you can't fix the world or your life without bloodying your hands. 

Charden:Funny, that´s what Creed often said

Max: //must be a chronos training thing// doesn't make it wrong. 

Charden: But it IS wrong...I tried it a few years and it felt awefull

Max: than quit. you don't want this bad enough. 

Charden:I can bring Chronos down without shedding blood!! I almost did before Doc interferred!!!

Max: why did you bring him in?


Max: well?

Charden:I needed him in case we needed to hack into chronos systems

Max: just that?

Charden:Just that

Max: why not hire a hacker?


Max: well?

Charden:he can....make people talk

Max: and?

Charden:He broke a number

max: WHAT?!

Charden:We catched a number. I tried to talk to him and make him understand but failed. than doc tried

Max:...I'll believe it when I see it.

Charden:I doubt you want to see a human being reduced to ....that

Max: numbers aren't people.

Charden:They re trained not to act like people

Max: trained like a dog. they're  not people.

Charden:I won´t show you than

Max: fine. good day. *turns to go* 

Charden:*holds her back*

max: what do you think you're doing?

Charden:Can you stop doc?

Max: yes

Charden:....if i show you the number will you help me stop him?

Max: *smiles* of course.

Charden:...okay....follow me

Max: where to?

Charden:The numbers Cell. *leads her to the underground labs of Doc where the cells are*

Max: ok. we are..please don´t do anything weird.

Max: like what?

Charden:Talking to him attacking him or touchign him.

Max: got it.

Charden:*opens the celldoor**kranz sits on a chair facng the door*

Max: *gasps*


Charden:....He isn´t doing anything unless you tell him to

Max: why?!

Charden: Doc used new nanomachines on him that make all his muscles and also his mind work like a robot

Max:...I need to go!

Charden:I told you it´s not nice too see

Max: I'm going to be sick. 

Charden:I can understand....this is not what I wanted

Max: I need to go get some air.

Charden:....shall I come with you?

Max: no thanks.


Max: *walks out*

Doc:*watches her*

Charden: hello Doctor.

Doctor:....who is that woman?

Charden: you remember Rachel. she was a apostle. 

Doc:She was weird

Charden: aren't we all.

Doc:I meant she seemed....wrong....not into our mission

Charden: which mission? destroying chronos, taking over the world or becoming god. 

Doctor:*laughs* All of them


Doctor:Why did you show her the weapon?

Charden: she wants to join us. 

Doc:....test her first

Charden: how?

Doc:She was interesste in the number right? If she´s really with us, make her help catch another one.

Charden: it took us months to catch the first!

Doctor:She is not known by any number and a woman on top. She will have it easier to sneak up on one.


Doctor:You find them, she plays the bait and helps set up a trap

Charden: don't act like that's so easy!

Doctor:*grins* It isn´t. But we can´t have weak or just "good" people in out team. we need excellent people!

Charden: fine I'll ask her but don't you think it's risky to try to contain two numbers?

Max: *reporting everything* 

Doc:There is no number here anymore. Just a robot.

Belze:*on the phone* I see...and you are sure they told you the truth about his condition?

Max: no but I'll get more details.

Charden: so you say.

Belze:Very well. You think we should fake the defeat of another number to help you out or is it too risky?

Doc:I know for sure, after all I made it

Charden: you're overconfident. 

Max: I don't make the orders. don't ask me.


Belze:Very well. Continue as planned I will talk this through with the commander.

Max: yes sir.

Charden:....I'll ask her.

Doc:Good *takes his leave*

Charden: where did she go?

Doctor: Didn´t she say something about needing fresh air?

Charden: I can't sense her chi. she's not on the grounds. 

Doc:....damnit...FIND HER!!!

Charden: You don't give me orders.

Doctor:i just did.

Charden: And I win't take them.


Charden: she's back!

Doc:..*looks at max* Where have you been?

Max: bathroom. 

Doc:that long?

Max: I had to puke.


Max: you're sick!

Doc:I am brilliant you ignorant woman

Max: say what you want.

Doc:I will. belive me I will....Charden will tell you in on your test mission

Max: oh?

Charden:.....You need to lure in a number. They won´t suspect a random woman. We will ste up a trap.

Max: what?!

Charden:It´s a test for you

Max: what if they kill me!?

Doc:Than you failed

max: I need some time to think about this. 

Doc:You got 5 minutes

Max: I can't decide to risk my life in 5 minutes!


Max: tell why you started this. what is the real goal?

Doc:i will as soon as you complete your mission

Max: *mutterers something about a mission*  Fine! I'll admit it! I'm not here to help! I need your help!


Charde:helpfor what?


Doc:...*looks at her for a while*....*starts laughing*

max: something can be done right?

Doc:not by me. Tao is something that changes your body completely. Shiki might know if there was a way but shes not here

Max: can it be undone!? where is she?!

Doc:i doubt. She never reacted to any of my messages i don't know and don't care

Max: you can't help me than.

Doc:if you find her she won't help you either. But i can make that stubborn woman help you

Max: no. You won't. The mission comes first anyway. I wasted enough time.

Doc:What mission are you talking about now? *raises an eyebrow and moves his hand to his pocket to get a syringe*

Max: *suddenly stabs him* *pushing him into the wall*

Doc:*spits blood* YOU BITCH!!!! CHARDEN!!!

Max: *holding 2 daggers*  *takes a fighting stance* I was holding back when I was play with you. I now I don't need to hold back.

Doc:*starts to go pale* These are no normal daggers....

Max: of course not. *trying to free Kranz* they're laced with poison.

Charden: *cuts his cut*

Doc:I need antidote!!! *pants*

CHarden:*materializes his blood* What do you want?

Max: just to do my job. *trying cut Kranz's bonds* wake up #IV

doc:*grins* Number IV....Bring her down!

Kranz:*grabs max wrists*

Max: Kranz? Oi Kranz! What are you doing?

Kranz:*doesn´t answer but twists her wrist*

Doc:I told you. He´s just a robot now *pants, going even paler* Give me the anitdote!

Max: th-there is n-none. you need to die than it ends. Charden will die and #IV will be recovered.

Doc:*laughs raspy* He can´t be recoverd!!! I am the only one who knows how how to fix him!

Kranz:*holds still*

Max: oh well I guess there will be an opening in the numbers after all.*kicks Kranz in the head*

Doc:ATTACK!! *gets to his knees*

Kranz:*catches himself after she kicked him, wobbling slightly**he grabs a scalpel from a table since he´s got no mars and slashes max arm*

Max: *dodges two slashes* ha! *grabbed from behind by Charden's blood* shit!

Charden:*holds her* The antidote.



Max: I don't have one. Go to Chronos HQ if you want it.

Charden:.....We will. All three of us. You work for them you are our hostage. Your life against the antidote

Max: *laughs*

Charden:What´s so funny?

Max: they don't need me. I'm useless now. Kranz is a number but even he is disposable.

Charden:...*looks at doc*....*lets go of her* Kranz, pick up doc and bring him to his room. Miss, leave.

Max: no. My mission is to return the number to chronos

Charden:You just killed our best scientest. Well you will finally kill him since we din´t get the antidote. I won´t give up the number to you. GO and lick your wounds

Max: you're so naive Charden. you were really nice. *picks up her knifes* I guess I have to erase you instead of let you die.

Charden:i am many things but i am not nice. I know what or better WHO would do anything to get #IV back. And loosing the kid might have done a part on him too

Max: *giggles* 

Charden:You laugh at your own brothers demise?

Max: I always hated Baldor. but he's not the weak. however how do you know that? *tries to stab Charden*

Charden:*dodges since using his blood to shield poisoned knives would be stupid* We made your number talk of course.

Max: and you let me walk right in knowing who I was?

Charden:I knew you were rejected a numbers position. You can´t be that much of a threat. And you are a taoist. there had to be something in you...

Max: with that stupid Tao I can kill a number. 

Charden:Tao is not stupid. You were choosen

Max: why? I wish I wasn't.

Charden: You are blinded by chronos

Max: Chronos is righteous 

Charden:Chronos is like poison!

Max: Chronos is the law. you're a fool to try and defeat us. 

Charden:I am just one and still I could make chronos loose a number and send agents after me. A little low for such a big organisation

Max: chronos will not fall. with lost soldiers. 

Charden:It will. it must

Max: Chronos will not fall. Chronos cannot fail.


Kranz:*has returned and grabs both of her arms*

Max: *kicks him in the chest* 

Kranz:*coughs but doesn´t let go, instead presses them together and twists*

Max: ah *drops a knife* Kranz you bastard. *tries to kick him in the face*

Charden:*uses the opportunity to stab her with his blood*....You said I shouldn´t let you leave didn´t you? And don´t try. He can´t response....even if he should be in there somewhere, the nanos won´t let him.

Kranz:*keeps her wrists pressed*

Charden:*uses the opportunity to stab her with his blood*....You said I shouldn´t let you leave didn´t you? And don´t try. He can´t response....even if he should be in there somewhere, the nanos won´t let him.

Kranz:*keeps her wrists pressed*

Max: ugh! I knew I-I couldn't do it. th-they were right but at least I did my job. 



Kranz:*still holds max, a piece of a door sticks in his right arm*

Max: d-did ya think I came alone?

Charden:.....kranz!!Help me fight them off!! The others should be here soon!!


Max:you're already surrounded. 

Nizer:she is right. let her down and come fight!

Charden:...*creates blood spears and shoots them at nizer*

Nizer: *dodges* I see you remember me as I remember you. 

Charden:as an enemy. *glares* KRANZ! Finush her off and here!

Kranz:*turns to max*....i am sorry

Jenos: don't be *catches Kranz's arms with his wires*

Kranz:*knows this well enough not to pull**instead dashed towards jenos*

Jenos: sorry *swings his wire at Kranz's legs*

Kranz:*hears them and jumps over them*

Jenos: *swings at Kranz again*

Kranz:*takles him*

Jenos: NIZER! NOW!


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